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Add people to hiring team

Included in:
  • SmartStart
  • SmartRecruit


Users who can post jobs can add members to a job's hiring team when creating the job. Users with full access to a job (or a Coordinator role) can add and remove members from the hiring team afterwards on the job's profile.

New job

By default, when you create a new job, SmartRecruiters will add you to the job's hiring team, without assigning you a hiring team role, which defines your access to the job and applications to that job.


  • Choose your role from the list. 
  • Add other members by searching for them by name or email, then select a hiring role.

You can add more members and change roles after you create the job.


Existing job

If you have full access to the job, or are a Standard/Basic user with a Coordinator role, you can add and remove people from the hiring team and change their hiring team role on that job from the Hiring Process tab on the job's profile.

When you add a new person to the hiring team, that person will be able to see all past and future reviews - even reviews submitted before that person was added to the team.

To add or remove people from a job's hiring team:

  1.  Find the job in the Jobs list and click on its title (or somewhere else within the container).SingleEntry_JobsList.png
  2. On the job's profile, click the Hiring Process tab.JobProfile_Tabs.png
  3. In the Hiring Team section, search for a new member by name.SearchNewHTMember.png
  4. Click their name and assign them a hiring role from the list.AssignHTRole.png
  5. Click Add to hiring team to finish. AddedtoHt.png

To remove a team member, just click the x in the upper right corner of their tile.

To change the hiring role for a team member, choose at new one from the dropdown list.ChangeHTRole.png