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Manage jobs


Learn how to edit an existing job and change its ad(s), hiring team, or other details.



  • Adding Multiple Job Locations
    Expand your sourcing capabilities geographically without the hassle of creating multiple requisitions with Multiple Job Locations.
  • Add people to hiring team
    Teammates can be added to the a job's hiring team when the job is created, or afterwards on the Hiring Process tab of the job's profile.
  • Automated Job Distribution
    Learn how to automate job advertising across the entire organization.
  • Changing job status
    Learn how to update a job's status, or cancel it.
  • Delete a job
    Delete a job from your company's list of jobs.
  • Edit job ad
    Learn how to edit the text of a job's default and additional ads.
  • Jobs list
    The Jobs list contains a list of all the jobs you have permission to view, with a summary of important details.
  • Job Ad Footers
    Allow administrators to standardize job ad footers that will automatically apply statements and disclaimers across multiple jobs to the bottom of the job ad (within the “additional information” section) before being sent to job boards.
  • Job profile
    The Job profile contains all of a job's details and candidates, and is the central place for managing and editing a specific job.
  • Job statuses
    Learn about the evolution of a job's status in the hiring process.
  • Manage positions on a job
    Add headcount to a job and hire more than one candidate.
  • Unpublish a job
    Take down a job from job boards and other places where it was posted.


  • Can I edit a posted job ad?

    You can edit and republish a job in SmartRecruiters at any time, and changes will be automatically reflected on the default job ad. However, your external posts on the job boards will not be automatically updated if you edit your job. You'll need to republish or repost the ad.

    • For jobs posted to the free job aggregators, you can simply republish the ad
    • Paid boards will most likely charge you again for reposting an edited ad (as this is treated as creating another post). You can either purchase a new post in SmartRecruiters or contact the board(s) to ask them to update the posted ad.

    Always double-check your job ads for accuracy and grammar before purchasing posts on paid boards.

  • How is the Days Open count calculated?

    Days Open is calculated using the open dates of positions on the job, not the job itself, and is defined as:

    the difference between the most recent hire date (or today's date, if no hires yet) and the earliest open date for positions on the job

    Assume a job was posted on Feb 1st, 2017. This job has two open positions:

    • Position 1 has an open date of Feb 6th, 2017.
    • Position 2 has an open date of Feb 13th, 2017.

    As of March 7th, 2017, no one has been hired for either position. Position 1 has the earliest open date, so:

    Today's date - earliest position open date = Days open

    Mar 7th - Feb 6th = 29 Days open
  • What happens when I delete a job with candidates?

    When you delete a job that candidates have applied to, SmartRecruiters simply keeps those candidates' applications, and retains all information in the applications, including their sources. You can still search and filter them as normal, and report on their application source in Sourcing Analytics. 

  • Will SmartRecruiters automatically update posted jobs ads?

    SmartRecruiters will not automatically update ads that are already posted to job boards. If you edit a job ad, you'll need to republish the ad.



If the 'Target Start Date' is edited in the position to provide a 'more realistic' date, can the original value for this field be reported on?
We don’t store the historical state of the position at the moment. 

Can you @-mention the whole hiring team instead of the individuals?
You can @REFID instead of typing the names to tag the whole team.