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How do I edit a job template?

  • SmartRecruit


After a saving a job as a job template, all edits and updates needed should be done directly on the job that was saved as a job template.

You can go to edit the job in a few places :

  1. Jobs list

    Screen Shot 2020-12-09 at 5.13.01 PM.png

  2. In the Jobs top barScreen Shot 2020-12-09 at 5.22.49 PM.png
  3. In the default job ad in the "Job Ad" tab.Screen Shot 2020-12-09 at 5.25.28 PM.png

After entering the job editing page, make all the edits needed on steps 1 through 3.

In Step 1: Edit, ensure that the "save this as a template" checkbox stays checked.

Screen Shot 2020-12-09 at 5.26.38 PM.png

In Step 3: Hiring team, select "save" at the bottom of the page to save edits accordingly.

All changes done to the job will only be applied to newly created jobs.  Jobs that were created with the job template before updates were made will not see the changes being applied.

Similar to saving a job as a job template, only extended and administrators should be editing job ads.  If a standard or basic user has been added to the saved job as a hiring team member and makes edits, the job templates flag will automatically be removed and the job will no longer be visible as a job template.