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How to Request a Job Board for SmartDistribute


SmartRecruiters is dedicated to growing our supported job board portfolio for SmartDistribute in order to meet your needs. However, not all job boards you might currently use might be available, so we created the following process for you to request additions to our portfolio.


To request a new job board for consideration:


  1. Review current supported job boards to see if the desired board is already available to use. If the board does not appear in the list, proceed to step 2.

  2. Complete the job board request form with the following fields:

    • Job Board Name (the name of the job board’s website)

    • Job Board URL (a link to the job board)

    • Client Organization Name (the name of your company)

    • Client’s Contact Name (the name of the point-of-contact at your company)

    • Client’s Contact Email (the point-of-contact’s email address in case we need to contact you regarding the request)

    • Client Type (specify whether you are an existing customer or if you are currently a prospective customer)

    • Job Board Commercial Model (specify whether this is a free or paid board, or whether they support both types of advertisements)

    • [OPTIONAL] Does the job board allow candidates to apply via ATS? (specify whether the job board supports redirecting applicants to ATS providers such as SmartRecruiters)

    • Does the client/prospect have a contract in place with the board? (specify whether you have an active contract with this board already)

    • Existing contract duration (if you answered “yes” to the previous question, specify the duration of your current contract)

    • How many postings is the customer planning to publish within the timeframe of their contract? (specify how many posts you are planning to publish to this job board with this contract)

  3. Once you have submitted this form, you can track the status of your request, alongside other boards our customers are requesting on this page


While SmartRecruiters is dedicated to supporting the job boards our customers need, we have to prioritize job boards based on expected volumes and popularity. Additionally, not every job board is open to integrations so there is a possibility we cannot support a job board even if it meets our prioritization criteria. For those reasons, we cannot guarantee that all requested boards will be made available for SmartDistribute.