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Add hiring team and headcount

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You’re almost there! The final step here before you can publish the job is to add the hiring team and headcount.AddhiringTeamAndHeadCount_SmartRecruit.png


Add hiring team

By default, when you create a new job, SmartRecruiters will add you to the job's hiring team, without assigning you a hiring team role, which defines your access to the job and applications to that job.


  • Choose your role from the list. 
  • Add other members by searching for them by name or email, then select a hiring role.

You can add more members and change roles after you create the job.


Add headcount

The Headcount section of the Hiring Team page defines the number of open positions on the job, the open/start dates for each position, and some metadata about the position itself. 

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 10.57.46 AM.png

  • Position open date is the day the job should be active: either published to a job board, or with at least one candidate assigned to it. If your administrator has set up approvals, SmartRecruiters will automatically update the position open date to the day that position is actually approved (for jobs that are already live) or when the job is published after the initial approval (for new jobs).
  • Target start date is the target date that you'd like the candidate who's eventually hired for this position to start work.

These dates are used by SmartRecruiters to determine the job's Time to Hire and Time to Start metrics, which help to measure how long it takes you to fill each position.

The last two options help track the position within your organization:

  • The position type can be either New (entirely new hire) or Replacement (hiring to replace someone who vacated that position). 
  • If you use a different tracking system for identifying jobs, you can add a custom position ID. Otherwise, SmartRecruiters will assign an ID using our conventions, e.g.:  REF29Y.

If you're hiring more than one person for this position, click Add Position to increase the position's headcount and specify a target state/open date for that additional person. Otherwise, if you've already hired someone for the position, you'll be unable to hire more than one person.


If your company has set up an approval chain for this job, you'll also see the Approvers section. As a job creator, you simply need to submit the job for approval. SmartRecruiters will email the job and its details to the approvers, who will review and approve or decline. 

There are two types of approvals: parallel and sequential. 

In a parallel approval chain, approvers can approve independently of each other, and any order. Depending on how the chain was set up, the job may require approval from every approver, or just one.
Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 5.35.34 PM.png

In a sequential approval chain, each approver in the sequence must first approve the job before the request is sent to the next approver. All approvers in a sequential chain must approve.

Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 5.36.22 PM.png

If you'd like to add any comments to the approvers, you can do so here. SmartRecruiters will add this comment to the email that approvers receive. 

Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 5.45.00 PM.png

Click Submit for Approval to send the request and move onto the next step, Advertising the Job.

Publish the job

If the job doesn't require approval, you can publish the job. By publishing a job, you can post it externally to the free job aggregators, paid job boards, or to recruiting agencies in the Marketplace.


First, decide the visibility of the job:

  • Public jobs are posted to all public sources, such as Career pages, job widgets, the job aggregators, and any paid boards you choose (on the next step).
  • Internal jobs are posted to Internal Mobility, Internal Job widgets, and other internal sources.
  • Private jobs aren't posted anywhere. They're only discoverable by someone with the direct link to the job ad.

By default, SmartRecruiters will publish your job's ad to the major (free) job aggregators, including Indeed, SimplyHired, Glassdoor, and more. If, for some reason, you'd prefer not to post your job for free, you can uncheck Also distribute this job to the major aggregators.

List of job aggregators

Here's a full list of the free job aggregators that SmartRecruiters will post your job ads to.



Please note, Facebook has deprecated support for job distribution to Facebook Jobs through third-parties, which includes ATS partners. From February 17th, 2022, you are no longer  able to distribute your jobs to Facebook as an aggregator. To learn more, you can review the official Facebook update here

When you're ready, click Publish to publish the job and its ad.

  • If you're publishing an Internal or Private job ad, you're all set! SmartRecruiters will take you to the job's details.
  • If you're publishing a Public ad, you'll move on to the next step, Advertise.

Before you publish your job, first double-check to ensure everything is correct. Republishing your job multiple times later may cause the job boards to submerge your posting in their results, or blacklist the post (as spam).

Jobs submitted through SmartRecruiters to the free job aggregators usually go live on the aggregators' feeds within 24 to 48 hours