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Add Job Details

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Now that you’ve created your new job's ad, you can fill in more details for categorizing the job, assigning different configurations, and optimizing your job's performance on job boards.


Job and Org fields

Job and Org fields capture information about the job and categorize it. The values you choose for these fields will determine which of the features and configurations that your Admin has set up in your company's SmartRecruiters account will apply to this job.

Picking the right values is important.

Your administrator may have set up various configurations for each feature, such as a hiring process or set of email templates. These configurations are matched to the selections you make here. If you choose the wrong value for a job — for example, choosing the wrong department — the wrong configuration could be assigned to the job.

EEO Job Category Field

Only jobs posted in a US location will include the EEO Job Category field. This field, while not mandatory, helps to broadly categorize the job according to EEO guidelines for the purpose of reporting. 

Board Performance Fields

The Board Performance fields gather the minimum amount of information required by the various job boards so that when you post your job, they can correctly categorize the job and place it in the appropriate place in their listings.

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 12.31.18 PM.png

To maximize the success of your job ads on the boards, try to be as accurate as possible when selecting values for these fields.