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Create a job - Corporate and Global

Follow this guide to learn how to post a job on the Corporate or Global editions.


Create a job
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  • Create the job ad
    The first step to creating a job on the Corporate or Global edition is to create the job's ad and fill out its description, required skills, and other candidate-facing information.
  • Add Job Details
    After creating the job's ad on a Corporate or Global edition, you can fill in more details for categorizing the job and optimizing your job's performance on job boards.
  • Add hiring team and headcount
    Add the hiring team and the job's headcount, and request approvals if necessary, when creating a job on Corporate or Global editions.
  • Advertise your jobs
    To attract more candidates on the Corporate or Global editions, purchase paid posts on the Advertise step of the Job Posting Wizard.
  • Ask for referrals
    In the last (and also optional) step of the job creation process, share the newly created job by email or social network to bring in referrals.