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Add Job Details and Hiring Team

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Now that you’ve created your new job's ad, you can fill in more details for optimizing your job's performance on job boards, and assigning a hiring team.

Board performance fields

The Board Performance fields gather the minimum amount of information required by the various job boards so that when you post your job, they can correctly categorize the job and place it in the appropriate place in their listings.

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 12.31.18 PM.png

To maximize the success of your job ads on the boards, try to be as accurate as possible when selecting values for these fields.

When you're finished, click Next

Hiring team

Hiring is a team effort! When you create a job, you can add people to the hiring team on the Hiring Team step of the Job Positing Wizard and assign them a hiring team role, which will determine their level of access to the job and its candidates, and the actions they can take.


Hiring team roles

When someone adds a user to a hiring team, they assign the user a hiring team role that determines:

  • the user's level of access to certain information about the job and candidates on that job, and
  • the actions the user can take on the job or candidate, such as extending an offer or editing the job’s details. 

For additional flexibility, the SmartGlobal add-on allows admins to create a Custom Hiring Role with a custom name.

Hiring team roles are separate from user roles. Anyone with a user role of Extended or Administrator always has full access to all jobs and candidates, and can perform all actions on those jobs and candidates, regardless of the hiring team role assigned to them for a particular job.

By default, when you create a new job, SmartRecruiters will add you to the job's hiring team, without assigning you a hiring team role, which defines your access to the job and applications to that job.

  • Choose your role from the list. 
  • Add other members by searching for them by name or email, then select a hiring role.

You can add more members and change roles after you create the job

Learn more about the permissions and actions allowed to each hiring team role.

Post the job

Click Publish to publish the job and its ad. It will become publicly accessible, and you'll be able to purchase paid ads for the job on many job boards in the next step.

By default, SmartRecruiters will also publish your job's ad to the major (free) job aggregators, including Indeed, SimplyHired, Glassdoor, Google Jobs, and more. If, for some reason, you'd prefer not to post your job for free, you can uncheck Also distribute this job to the major aggregators.Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 4.13.10 PM.png

List of job aggregators

Here's a full list of the free job aggregators that SmartRecruiters will post your job ads to.



Please note, Facebook has deprecated support for job distribution to Facebook Jobs through third-parties, which includes ATS partners. From February 17th, 2022, you are no longer  able to distribute your jobs to Facebook as an aggregator. To learn more, you can review the official Facebook update here

Jobs submitted through SmartRecruiters to the free job aggregators usually go live on the aggregators' feeds within 24 to 48 hours

In general, the majority of jobs submitted to job boards through SmartRecruiters are 30-day listings, especially for the free job aggregator boards. After this period ends, boards and aggregators will drop the job from their feed unless you republish the job.

Be careful not to repost/republish your your jobs to the free aggregators too frequently. Aggregators may blacklist your jobs or bury them farther down the results if you republish jobs before the listing expires.

Depending on the on the type of package you purchased through SmartRecruiters, your jobs' lifetime on a paid board may vary.