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Follow this guide to learn how to post a job on the SmartStart Edition of SmartRecruiters.

If you've just signed up for SmartStart and are posting your company's first job, make sure that you'll pass our review requirements.

Until you pass our review, your jobs will not be posted publicly. Neither you nor candidates will not be able to find your jobs on job boards. 


Create a job
Pages: 4
  • Create the job ad (in SmartStart)
    The first step to creating a job is to create the job's ad and fill out its description, required skills, and other candidate-facing information.
  • Add Job Details and Hiring Team
    Now that you’ve created your new job's ad, you can fill in more details for categorizing the job and optimizing your job's performance on job boards.
  • Advertise job ads
    To attract more candidates on the SmartStart edition, purchase paid posts on the Advertise step of the Job Posting Wizard.
  • Ask for referrals
    In the last (and also optional) step of the job creation process, share the newly created job by email or social network to bring in referrals.