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Mobile Jobs list


The Jobs list is one of the 5 main sections of the Hiring App. It displays to the user a list of all jobs that they can access, in any status.


iOS Android
Tap the Jobs icon in the bottom bar to view the Jobs list. Tap the Menu icon in the upper left corner to open the navigation menu, and then tap Jobs to view the Jobs list.
JobsList_iOS.png AndroidMenu.png

The list is ordered by update dates, with the most recently updated jobs at the top of the list. Each job in the list is displayed with title, location, and REF ID. There's also a count of the number of candidates in New status on each job. 

iOS Android
JobsList_iOS.png JobsList_Android.png

Tap one of the jobs in the list to open the Job Details page. 


Type into the Search bar to search by job title. 

iOS Android
SearchJobsList_iOS.png SearchJobsList_Android.png