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Mobile Job Details


The Job Details screen of the Hiring App makes it easy to view the status of the job and its candidates, and provides access to specific candidates in the Applicant list.


Tap one of the jobs in the Jobs list to open the Job details screen.

iOS Android
JobDetailsScreen_iOS.png JobDetailsScreen_Android.png

At the top are basic statistics about the job (from left to right):

  • Posting Status (Posted, offline)
  • Job status (Offer, Interview, etc.)
  • Number of days open
  • Number of candidates who applied or were added to the job

All details are read-only. Jobs can only be modified in the web app.

Tap Link to Job Ad to open the job ad in your device's mobile browser.

Below the Job Details is the Candidate Pipeline, which lists each stage in the hiring process and the number of candidates each stage.

Applicant List 

Tap one of the hiring process stages on the Job Details screen to see the Applicant list filtered for that stage. 

iOS Android
ApplicantList_HiringSteps_iOS.png ApplicantList_HiringSteps_Android.png

The list will be divided into hiring process steps. For example, in the screens above, there are two steps in the In Review stage of the job's hiring process. Each step has its own list of candidates.

Tap on one of the candidates to open their application to that job.