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Mobile Candidate Profile


The Hiring App's Candidate profile provides to hiring managers the tools and information they need to review, rate, and move candidates through the hiring process. It's the mobile equivalent of the Candidate Profile in SmartRecruiters' web app.

Described here are all available features on the Candidate Profile. The list of features that are actually available to a particular user will depend on their system and hiring team role permissions.

Profile Info

As on web, the mobile Candidate Profile displays the candidate's work and education experience

iOS Android
CandidateProfile_iOS.png CandidateProfile_Android.png

Contact info

Tap the Contact Info icon to see the candidate's email, phone, and social accounts.

iOS Android
CandidateProfile_ContactInfo.png CandidateProfile_ContactInfo_Android.png

The Contact Info screen will display all of the available contact methods on the candidate profile. 

  • Tap the phone number to call the candidate.
  • Tap their email to open a new email in the native Mail app on your phone. 
  • Tap the Twitter, LinkedIn, Skype or Facebook account to view that account in a mobile browser.

If you don't see a particular contact method on this screen, the profile doesn't include that method.

iOS Android
ContactInfo_iOS.png ContactInfo_Android.png

Move candidate forward

To manually move the candidate through your hiring process, just select the stage/step from the Hiring Status switcher.

iOS Android
CandidateProfile_HiringSwitcher_iOS.png CandidateProfile_HiringSwitcher_Android.png
iOS Android
HiringStatusSwitcher_iOS.png HiringStatusSwitcher_Android.png

For leads on a job, the Hiring Status switcher has Convert, Pass, or Withdrawn options.

iOS Android
LeadStatusSwitcher_iOS.png LeadStatusSwitcher_Android.png

Switching applications

The Application Switcher makes it easy to change back and forth between a candidate's applications. Just tap the title of the job to which the candidate applied to see a list of the candidate's other applications.

iOS Android

The list includes all of a candidate's applications, even the ones that a given user cannot access, and displays the application's current hiring status stage + step. 

iOS Android



If you have access to a particular application, you can just tap it to reload the candidate profile with data from that application. If you don't have access, the title of the application will be greyed out in the list, and it won't be tappable.


You can both write new email messages to candidates, and see all past messages exchanged between the candidate and the hiring team, from the candidate profile screen.

To send a new message, tap the Message icon.

iOS Android
CandidateProfile_Messages_iOS.png CandidateProfile_Messages_Android.png

You can write a new email, or tap the Templates icon to select an email template. Only templates with the Generic type will be available here.

iOS Android
EmailTemplateFilled_iOS.png EmailTemplateFilled_Android.png

To view previously exchanged messages, tap the Emails list. 

iOS Android
CandidateProfile_EmailsList_iOS.png CandidateProfile_EmailsList_Android.png

You'll see a list of previous messages, ordered from most recent to oldest.  

iOS Android
MessageHistory_iOS.png MessageHistory_Android.png

Tap the New Email icon at the upper right (iOS) or lower right (Android) corner of the screen to write a new message.

The Hiring App observes the same email-related permissions as the web app. That means you'll only see the kind of emails that you have permission to view. For example, if you're unable to see offer information, then you won't see any emails related to offers. 


To leave a note about a particular candidate application, tap the Notes icon. The note will be stored on the particular application displayed in the Application Switcher.

iOS Android
CandidateProfile_NotesIcon_iOS.png CandidateProfile_NotesIcon_Android.png

As with the Publisher on the Home Screen, you can @-mention other users (or an entire hiring team). The note will automatically include the candidate's name. 

iOS Android
@mentionUser_CandidateProfileNote_iOS.png @mentionUser_CandidateProfileNote_Android.png

@-mentioning users will not automatically set the note's visibility to Direct Message. To change the visibility, tap the Visibility Selector and choose from the available options.

iOS Android
ChangeVisibility_NotesList_iOS.png ChangeVisibility_NotesList_Android.png

All notes left on a candidate's application are visible in the Notes list. Just tap it to see a historical list of all notes (Direct Message, Note to Self, or Open Notes) that you can access on that application.

iOS Android
CandidateProfile_NotesList_iOS.png CandidateProfile_NotesList_Android.png

 As with the notes list on Hireloop, you can agree and comment on notes, or tap the New Note icon to write a new note.

iOS Android
HistoricalNotes_iOS.png HistoricalNotes_Android.png

 To delete one of your notes, swipe left (on iOS) or press and hold (on Android).

iOS Android
DeleteNotes_onProfile_iOS.png DeleteNotes_onProfile_Android.png

Reviews & ratings

The Candidate Profile displays the overall rating left by the hiring team for this particular application underneath the profile's avatar. 

To rate the candidate for this application and leave a review, tap the stars or the Review icon:

iOS Android
CandidateProfile_SeePastReviews_iOS.png CandidateProfile_LeaveReviews_Android.png

On the Review screen, tap to rate the candidate and type in any comments. If there's a scorecard associated with the job, you can tap to rate the candidate against each criteria, and type an explanation. Tap the Info icon next to the criteria to see an explanation of the criteria and any questions related to the criteria.

iOS Android
FillOutScorecard_iOS.png FillOutScorecard_Android.png

Don't forget to tap Submit to complete your review!

To see past reviews left by other members of the hiring team, just tap the Reviews list:

iOS Android
CandidateProfile_SeePastReviews_iOS.png CandidateProfile_SeePastReviews_Android.png

You'll see a version of Hireloop that is specifically filtered for Review stories.

iOS Android
CandidateProfile_SeePastReviews_iOS.png ReviewsListFeed_Android.png

You can scroll through, see overall reviews and ratings from each team member, agree and comment on the review. Tap Review to leave a new review.

You can also tap the Scorecard icon for any review with a scorecard to view it:

iOS Android
CandidateProfile_SeePastReviews_iOS.png ScorecardView_Android.png

Rejecting candidates

Rejecting a candidate in the Hiring App is essentially the same as rejecting them on the web app. Tap the Reject icon to begin.

iOS Android
CandidateProfile_Rejections_iOS.png CandidateProfile_Rejections_Android.png

You can simply reject the candidate without notifying them or assigning a rejection reason. Just tap Reject without message.


iOS Android
RejectionScreen_Empty_iOS.png RejectionScreen_Empty_Android.png

To assign a rejection reason, tap Reason for Rejection and choose a reason from the list.

iOS Android
Rejection_Reason_List_iOS.png Rejection_Reason_List_Android.png

To send a rejection message, tap the Send rejection message toggle. You'll then see two options for choosing a rejection template and the time and date that SmartRecruiters should send the message.

iOS Android



Tap Email message and enter a custom message, or tap the Templates icon (next to the Done link) and choose a template. SmartRecruiters will automatically populate the template, complete with merge fields.

iOS Android
RejectionTemplatePopulated_iOS.png RejectionTemplatePopulated_Android.png

By default, the message will be sent with you as the sender. If you'd like a little more anonymity, tap your name and choose Hiring Team.

Once you've chosen the message, you can either send immediately, or configure a delayed rejection. 

  • For immediately, choose the Today and Now options.
  • Otherwise, choose 2 or 5 business days and the time of day, or tap Custom to choose a specific delay period in days. 
iOS Android
RejectionSettingsComplete_iOS.png RejectionSettingsComplete_Android.png

 When finished, just tap Reject.