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Mobile Approvals Hub


The Hiring App includes the Approvals hub, which gives users visibility into new and pending job and offer approval requests.


Access the Approvals Hub from the More screen of the Hiring App on iOS or the navigation menu on Android.

iOS Android
Tap the More icon in the bottom navigation bar. Tap the Menu icon in the upper left corner to open the navigation menu
More_iOS.png AndroidMenu.png

Then, tap Approvals.

Awaiting Approval list

The Awaiting approval list contains any job or offer approval requests that require your review and action. Just tap one to view its details.

iOS Android
PendingApprovals_iOS.png PendingApprovals_Android.png

Each request will stay in this list until you approve or reject it, even if other approvers for the same request have completed their action.

Pending colleague response

For any job or offer that has an approval chain with multiple approvers, when you approve or reject the request from the Awaiting your approval list, it moves to the Pending colleague response list.

iOS: Job approval Android: Job approval
PendingColleagueResponseList_iOS.png PendingColleagueResponseList_Android.png

Each request will stay in this list until those approvers have approved or rejected it, even if you have already taken action.

Approval details

Tap any item in the Awaiting your approval list to review and approve or reject the request.

iOS: Job approval Android: Job approval
JobApprovalDetails_iOS.png JobApprovalDetails_AndroidCollapsed.png

Job approvals contain the number of positions, salary range, and desired start dates for each position on the job. (on Android, tap Show More to view additional details.)

To view the job's details, including the ad itself,

  • iOS: Tap the name of the job
  • Android: Tap the Job Ad icon in the upper right corner of the approval details.

Tap the Comments list to view or leave a new comment on the request.

Below the comments section is the list of approvers and their status.

iOS: Approval Chain Status Android: Approval Chain Status
ApprovalChainStatus_iOS.PNG ApprovalChainStatus_Android.png

Tap Reject or Approve to complete the request.

iOS: Offer Approval Android: Offer Approval
OfferApprovalDetails_FieldsCollapsed_iOS.png OfferApprovalDetails_Android.png

To view the candidate's application:

  • on iOS, tap the candidates name
  • on Android, tap the profile icon in the upper right corner

By default, offer approval details initially show only a few job fields. To see the full set of job field assignments for the approval:

  • on iOS, Tap Read More... 
  • on Android, tap Show More

Tap the Comments list to view or leave a new comment on the request.

iOS Android
ApprovalComment_iOS.png ApprovalComment_Android.png

For either type of request, just tap Reject or Approve to complete it.

Archived approvals

The Archived approvals list includes all historical approved or rejected approvals. Simply tap on an item in the list to view its details.

iOS Android
ApprovalArchiveList_iOS.png ApprovalArchiveList_Android.png

If someone resubmits the offer or job approval after it has been approved or rejected, that approval will be removed from the Archive list and displayed in the Pending your approval list.