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Home Screen


The Hiring App's Home Screen contains a mobile version of Hireloop where users can track hiring activities and events, leave notes, and view/comment on colleagues' notes.

iOS Android


At the top of the Home Screen is the Notifications bell. Tap to see your notifications. These are identical to the ones available in the web app.

iOS Android
iOS_notificationslist.png Notifications_Android.png


Each story or note in the mobile Hireloop includes:

iOS Android
  • Body: the content of the story or note.
  • Visibility: Who can see the story or note.
  • Like icon: Show support for the story or note.
  • Comment icon: Create or add to a thread about the story or note.

For Rating/Review stories, if there's a scorecard for the review, tap the Scorecard icon to view the scorecards detail:

iOS Android
ScorecardIcon_iOS.png ScorecardIcon_Android.png


Tap a job title or candidate name to view the job details or candidate profile. If you've @-mentioned a colleague, their name is highlighted with a blue background.

You can check who can see the note by tapping the Visibility icon next to the date:

iOS Android
iOSStory_Visibility.png AndroidStory_Visibility.png

You'll see a list of those with permission to view the story or note. The Hiring App observes the same visibility permissions as SmartRecruiters web application.

iOS Android
iOSNoteVisibility.png AndroidNoteVisibility.png

You can delete your own notes, too:

iOS Android
Swipe left on the note to delete it.


Press and hold on the note, then tap Delete.DeleteNote_Hireloop_Android.png


Leave a note

Tap the Note icon on HireLoop to add a new note. 

  • On iOS, the Note icon is in the upper right of the screen
  • On Android, the icon is at the bottom right.
iOS Android
iOSNewNote_HireLoop.png NewNote_Android_Hireloop.jpeg

You can @mention a colleague or entire hiring team. 

iOS Android
Tap @ Team Member (or type @) and start typing a user's name (or the name of a job) to @mention them.@MentionColleague_iOS.PNG Type @ and start typing a user's name (or the name of a job) to @mention them.


You can also #-tag candidates.

iOS Android
Tap # Candidate (or type #) to see a list of candidates. Scroll to find them, or start typing their name to #-tag them.#Candidate_iOS.png Type @ to see a list of candidates. Scroll to find them, or start typing their name to #-tag them.


Candidates with multiple applications will show up in the list more than once. Make sure to pick the right application!

At the top of the Note composer is the Visibility selector.

iOS Android
iOSNewNote_HireLoop.png NewNote_Android.png

For new notes on Hireloop, Note to self is selected by default. Tap to select the visibility of the note. 

iOS Android
iOSNewNote_HireLoop.png NewNote_Android.png

The Open Note option is only available once you #-tag a candidate. The Direct Message option is available only after you've @mentioned a colleague or hiring team.