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Hiring App

Included in:
  • SmartStart
  • SmartRecruit


Recruiters, Hiring Managers, or anyone on the hiring team can use the Hiring App to easily access and review candidates.

The App 4.0 version is available to all customers. It works on phones and tablets running iOS v13.0 or above or Android SDK 23 (Android OS version 6), but is optimized for iPads and Android tablets.

iOS Android
iOSHome.png AndroidHome.png

Get the App

The Hiring App is available to any SmartRecruiters account. Users in a SmartRecruiters account can download the app for Android and iOS:

Logging In

The Hiring App supports both direct logins with user name and password, and login via SSO. 

The App has a two-phase login flow that supports both authentication methods:

  1. User enters their username (their email).
  2. The App determines whether they are an SSO-enabled user.
    1. If yes, then the App redirects to your company's SSO login page, and then logs the user into the App once they've authentication with your SSO provider.
    2. If no, then the App asks for the user's password.

Major features

The Hiring App has 7 main screens, and 1 push notification feature:

  • Home Screen
    View and comment on hiring activity, comments, and other recruiting stories in Hireloop on mobile with the Hiring App.
  • Mobile Approvals Hub
    Track and responding to pending job and offer requests that need your approval on mobile with the Hiring App.
  • Mobile Candidate Profile
    Review candidate's application, send messages, leave notes, fill out scorecards, and move the candidate through the hiring process on mobile in the Hiring App.
  • Mobile Interviews Hub
    Manage upcoming interviews, view profiles, and leave feedback on mobile with the Hiring App.
  • Mobile Jobs list
    View and manage your jobs while on the go with the Hiring App.
  • Mobile Job Details
    View your candidate pipeline for a particular job, job status, and view the job's ad on mobile in the Hiring App.
  • Mobile People List
    View, search and manage all candidates on your jobs on the go with the Hiring App.
  • Push Notifications
    Push Notifications for Mobile Hiring App.


The Hiring App is divided into 5 main sections:

  • Home (Hireloop)
  • Jobs (Jobs list and access to individual Job Details)
  • People (People list and access to individual candidates)
  • Interviews (Upcoming, past, and archived interviews)
  • More (iOS: Approvals and settings) and Approvals / Settings (Android)

Navigation between the different parts of the Hiring App differs by operating system.

iOS Android
Tap one of the navigation icons in the bottom bar to navigate to the main sections of the app. Tap the Menu icon in the upper left corner to open the navigation menu.
iOSHome.png AndroidMenu.png

Android users can also swipe left/right to move between the five major sections of the app.

Logging out

To log out of the App, go to Settings:

iOS Android
Tap More in the bottom navigation bar: Tap the Menu icon in the upper left corner, then Settings.
iOSHome.png AndroidMenu.png

Then, simply tap Sign out.