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Field Recruiting App


SmartRecruiters' Field Recruiting App is a powerful tool for recruiting on-site at events, campuses, and stores.

  • Recruiters and hiring managers configure the App and select the job ads on a specific device.
  • Candidates apply to specific jobs by scanning their resume using that device’s camera.

The App 2.0 version is available to all customers. It works on phones and tablets running iOS v13.0 or above or Android SDK 23 (Android OS version 6), but is optimized for iPads and Android tablets.

Keep in mind that the Field Recruiting App is designed to quickly collect candidates’ contact information and add them in SmartRecruiters. They’re added as Leads on the job, so you can proactively begin the hiring process by converting them in the Hiring app or in SmartRecruiters, or simply wait for them to apply to the job using the link they receive in a follow-up email.

Getting Started

Before you prepare the Field Recruiting App for your event:

  • Create a custom candidate source  for the event. The App can use any custom source in your SmartRecruiters account. 
  • Set up a Brand. The Field Recruiting App uses the Brand’s company logo, color, and office picture to style the App.

All steps require Administrator access.

When you're ready, start here and configure the App.

Optionally, setup access for specific users. Activate the feature to control which users can access the Field Recruiting App and for how long.


  • Applying with the Field Recruiting App
    Here's an overview of the application process for candidates who use the Field Recruiting App.
  • Configure the Field Recruiting App
    Follow these steps to set up the Field Recruiting App for the first time, or before using the App at an event.
  • Download the Field Recruiting App
    Search the Apple App Store or Google Play for the Field Recruiting App, or follow these links to download the App for your platform.
  • Managing Access to the Field Recruiting App
    Authorize specific users to access use the Field Recruiting App over a defined period, or indefinitely. Support users to be able to login to the app with a special code instead of SSO  or user credentials.
  • Using Guided Access on iOS
    On an iOS device, you can activate Guided Access for the Field Recruiting App to limit candidates access to other apps, and prevent them from altering the App itself.