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Managing Access to the Field Recruiting App


To help companies better coordinate access to the Field Recruiting App for particular on-site recruiting, we've added the ability to authorize access for specific users to use the App over a defined period, or indefinitely.

Admins will be able to activate the Field Recruiting App Management feature to control which users can access the App and for how long. Authorized users will be able to request a code and log into the App (thus bypassing the normal username/password login), and use it for the assigned duration.

Managing access

There's a new page in Settings / Admin -> API / Integrations called Field Recruiting App Management. Here, Admins can choose to activate the Field Recruiting App Management tool and authorize specific users.

By default, the feature is not active, and all users are able to log into the App with a valid username/password. Activating the feature will log out all users who are currently logged in, and users will only be able to log in once authorized individually.


Once the feature is active, Admins will be able to search for users by name or email, and set their duration of access: either limited (start/end dates) or unlimited (start date only) duration

  • ​​​​​​Limited duration: Leave the No end date box unchecked and choose start and end dates from the Date Range picker.
  • Unlimited duration: Check the No end date box, and choose the start date.

When the Admin clicks Authorize, the user will receive an email that notifies them they've been granted access and describes the duration of their access period (with appropriate start/end dates). 

Each authorized user is added to the Access List below the authorization tool. This list will contain all users with a currently valid or future-dated access period. 

Admins can cancel access for any of these periods by clicking Revoke. If a currently logged-in user's access is revoked, they'll be logged out of the App immediately. 

Requesting codes and logging in

Users will be able to request a code from within the App at any point during their access period. They'll just need to enter a valid username, and SmartRecruiters will automatically generate an access code.

Users will receive this email, which contains the code:

Once the user has the code, they'll be able to return to the App and enter the code to log in. Each code is one-time-use, and will expire in 30 minutes if not used. Users can then request a new code as long as their access period is still active.

When the Field Recruiting App Management feature is active, SSO and password authentication methods are disabled for the App. Users must log into the using the generate code. The Field Recruiting App Management feature does not impact login methods for SmartRecruiters' web app or the Hiring App.