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Configure the Field Recruiting App


The Field Recruiting App has two primary modes:

  1. Recruiters set up and edit the App’s Branding and Job list in Kiosk Builder mode, then switch to Kiosk mode.
  2. Candidates review jobs and scan their resumes (or simply add contact information) in Kiosk mode.

To get started, log in to the App using your SmartRecruiters account. If your SmartRecruiters account is tied to an SSO provider, the App will redirect you to your provider’s login. After you authenticate with the provider, you’ll return to the App.

Prepare for an event 

Once you’re logged in to the Field Recruiting App, you’ll start on the Kiosk Builder screen:

  • iOS
  • Android

From here:

  1. Tap the Settings icon to select the source that SmartRecruiters will apply to each candidate who expresses interest in a job, and brand the App with your company’s branding.
  2. Tap the Add Job icon and select the jobs that you’d like candidates to review and apply to.
  3. Tap Done to exit to Kiosk mode before handing the iPad or iPhone to candidates.
  4. Tap the Edit icons above and below the office image to customize the text on the Kiosk. 

Select a source

All candidates who express interest in a job using the Field Recruiting App are added to SmartRecruiters with the same source to help you track applications from specific events.

  • iOS
  • Android
  • By default, all candidates who apply through the App are assigned to the Field Recruiting App source.
  • You can choose a different source for the App from the list of custom sources in your company’s SmartRecruiters account, but you can’t create new sources from the App. New sources must be created in SmartRecruiters by an Administrator.
  • When you choose a new source, that source becomes the default for the App.

Select a brand

You can select one of the brands in your company’s SmartRecruiters account to automatically add the Brand logo, corporate color, and office image to the App. 

  • iOS
  • Android


While you can’t directly edit the branding of the App, you can edit the text above and below the office image by tapping the Edit icons.

Select Jobs

You can select any of your currently active, published jobs to be displayed in the app Kiosk mode. Jobs are listed with the ad’s name, REF ID, and job location.

  • iOS
  • Android

You can browse through the list, or search by name or REF ID. Simply select one or more jobs, and tap Done.

When you select a job with multiple ads, the App pulls in the default ad.

Ready the App for Candidates

Once you’re satisfied with the list of jobs, tap Done at the very top of the App to switch to Kiosk mode. In this mode, candidates can select a job, review its details, and scan in their resume.

  • iOS
  • Android

The App will stay in Kiosk mode until you press and hold the logo in the middle of the screen.

  • iOS
  • Android

If you have an iPad or iPhone, you can turn on Guided Access to prevent candidates from existing Kiosk mode or altering the App.