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Applying with the Field Recruiting App


When a candidate submits their contact information for a job through the Field Recruiting App, the App immediately sends their information to SmartRecruiters, which creates their profile and adds them to the job as a Lead, not as an active candidate. The App does not store candidate information, so you’ll need to make sure it’s always connected to Wi-Fi while in use. Once their profile is created, you can either convert the candidate from Lead to Active candidate, or wait for them to apply. For those who chose to scan their resume, SmartRecruiters will also pre-populate their profile with the resume details.

Expressing Interest

While the App is in Kiosk mode, candidates can browse available jobs and tap I’m Interested to provide contact information for a particular job.


Candidates can provide just their basic contact information, or take a photo of their resume using the device’s camera. The App will parse the resume and extract its details, including the candidate’s experience and education


Candidates must provide a First Name, Last Name, and Email in order to submit their information. Note that the App will overwrite anything the candidate has already entered into the Contact Info form with the info that it parsed from their resume. For example, if the candidate has entered a preferred contact email, but their resume lists another, the App will overwrite the manually entered email.

Screening questions are not displayed during the application via Field Recruiting App, so candidates will need to submit that information as part of the application process as explained below.

Completing the Application

Once a candidate submits their contact information and/or resume through Field Recruiting App, they will receive an automatic email with a link to the job ad. Though the email comes from (and not your SmartRecruiters account), if you were logged in to the App when the candidate submitted their information, you’ll be listed as the sender of the email. You won’t be able to configure or edit the automated email.

Candidates can then follow the link provided in the email to actually apply to the job. They can also apply to the same job through another method (e.g., your Careers page).  

As long as the candidate uses the same name and email they provided through the Field Recruiting App to apply to the job, SmartRecruiters will merge the two profiles into a single application. The source that you’ve picked in the App will persist for those candidates. If they apply using a different name or email, SmartRecruiters will create a duplicate profile with a different source.