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Programmatic Advertising Boost


What is the programmatic advertising "Boost"?

For customers with publicly advertised jobs in the United States, we have released the ability to leverage programmatic job advertising to Boost specific jobs you may have trouble filling. On your Jobs List, you will see a button labeled "BOOST" for the jobs you have published externally. 

When you click the "Boost" button, you will be able to purchase ad-hoc programmatic job advertising the same way you can purchase single advertisements through our Job Board Marketplace. 

Once purchased, the role will be sent to our programmatic partner automatically and you will be able to track the impact of boosting in your sourcing analytics. 


Q: What is programmatic job advertising?
A: Programmatic advertising empowers you to leverage smart technology that automates buying and selling online advertising. When you "Boost" your open positions, we will automate the campaign management to distribute the job ad to the best sources to reach the right people at the right time, allowing you to reach a wider audience and get more bang for your buck. 

Q: Will this be available for all of my jobs?
A: At this time, this feature will only be available for jobs that are located in the United States. As we continue improving this new feature, we will be looking to scale the solution to other regions. 


Q: How long is the Boost active for?
A: The boost campaign lasts 30 days, but you are likely to see the bulk of the candidates come through within the first week. 


Q: What are the permission settings for the Boost?
A: The ability to Boost a job ad will follow the same permissions that you configured for your other advertising actions. If a user is able to purchase from the Job Board Marketplace, they will be able to utilize the Boost. 


Q: What reporting is available to see the effectiveness of the Boost?
A: Boost is reported on in the Sourcing Analytics under the Paid source type. The source + source subtype is called Boost so no matter how you drill into the reporting, you can find the boost listed and a breakdown of recruiting process, sourcing quality, and cost efficiency analytics you’re looking for.


Q: How much does Boosting a job cost?
A: The Boost is a flat rate of $480 USD per job ad. 


Q: I am not seeing a lot of candidates coming in, why could that be?

A: The results of the boost vary and cannot be guaranteed, as there are a variety of variables at play that can impact the outcome of the boost, such as the job title, location, industry, and more. It could be that the type of applicants you are looking for are not active on job boards so cannot not be reached easily with programmatic advertising, or the location of the job is more remote, so it's not reaching a sizeable pool of candidates. 


Q: How is the Boost different from SmartJobs?
A: The Boost feature is an independent self-serve product that is not an alternative to SmartJobs (which is a managed advertising service add-on with SmartRecruiters). The Boost is intended to put programmatic job advertising at the fingertips of any user. Through this early access feature, we will learn from and iterate on this feature - with your help!