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How to register an app/obtain OAuth credentials?


To receive OAuth credentials send the following details to SmartRecruiters Partner Operations Consultant you have started working with:


  • Your application name,
  • Your application’s redirect_uri
  • Your application’s access scope. See the full list here
  • Your mobile number that you use in Signal app (we’ll send the credentials through)


What is a redirect URI?

As an official OAuth guide provides: “Redirect URLs are a critical part of the OAuth flow. After a user successfully authorizes an application, the authorization server will redirect the user back to the application with either an authorization code or access token in the URL. Because the redirect URL will contain sensitive information, it is critical that the service doesn’t redirect the user to arbitrary locations.”

Client_id and client_secret are your credentials (not customer’s/user’s) that you use to authenticate on our server (as an OAuth client/application) for all customers. These are generated upon registering your redirect_uri on our authorization server and they correspond to your redirect_uri.