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OAuth 2.0


If your integration requires using endpoints within Customer API and you have joined SmartRrecruiters Partnership Program building OAuth 2.0 authentication method is a must-have. OAuth 2.0 is a secure authorization framework that allows applications to be granted limited access to user accounts on an HTTP service. For security reasons SmartRecruiters advise against sharing Customer API key with any third-party vendor as it equals giving a password to an admin account with full access to all the customer’s data.

With the secure authentication protocol, which is OAuth 2.0, the partner will be able to request access only to the data required for integration. We can help you define which access scopes you will need for your integration.

Technical documentation can be found here in our Dev Portal. Overview, good practices, and frequently asked questions can be found below. We recommend starting with the high-level overview of OAuth 2.0 in SmartRecruiters before jumping to the step-by-step technical documentation.