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Sandboxes and testing




For the purpose of testing your integration end-to-end, you’ll need a sandbox account, which means an account on our platform for customers.

Job Board providers will not be able to test the workflow using a sandbox as the jobs are not pushed to the feeds using sandbox accounts due to security policies.

Here are the steps to set up your own sandbox account:


  1. To start, visit this link:

  2. Fill the data fields and verify your email address to gain full access. 

  3. Once this is complete, contact your Partners Operations Consultant to get the account verified and activated.

When you gain access there are several ways to conduct tests, depending on the solution you’re offering and whether you use Marketplace API or Customer API.


Solutions using Marketplace API

For assessment workflow, please see the section Assessments

For job board workflow, please see the section Job Boards.


Solutions using Customer API

Please note it is required to implement OAuth 2.0 authentication before proceeding further. For instructions, please see the section OAuth 2.0. Obtaining a customer API key directly from the client is not recommended as it creates a possibility of a data breach. Moreover, solution vendors who wish to be on our Marketplace are obligated to use OAuth 2.0 to authorize. 

For test purposes only,  you might use your own customer API key obtained from your sandbox - log in to your sandbox account, go to Settings/ Admin-> API/ Integrations-> generate API key.


The customer API key can only be used in Customer API: