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Marketplace transaction models



In SmartRecruiters there are two types of transaction models. Both rely on the concept of the offer, which is the representation of your product, displayed to the customer in their SmartRecruiters account.

These models are applicable only for job boards or assessments/checks/video interview providers.


Paid Offers

This type of offers is applicable for providers who would like to open their services to all SmartRecruiters customers, without requiring them to create an account on their platform first and sign the contract. In other words - allowing ad-hoc purchases of their products. The payment for the service is then collected in SmartRecruiters and the partner invoices SmartRecruiters monthly for all consumptions made, deducting the revenue share.

The paid offer is set to the specified amount, which will be seen by the customer as the actual price at  the moment of requesting your service. The customer will be able to purchase your offer with their credit card.


Macintosh HD:Users:katarzynaradzyminska:Desktop:Screenshot 2019-12-31 at 14.40.12.png


The partner sets the price while creating the offer is created in their Partner Portal account.


Refferal Offers

This type of the offers are applicable when the partner requires the customer to create and configure an account on their platform before being able to use their services and when the payment takes place entirely on the partner’s end. In these cases the partner creates the offer dedicated for individual customers.

The partner should provide the information for whom exactly the offer is intended for in the Offer Description field at the moment of creating an offer.

The price needs to be set to $0 as the entire payment process is hosted on the partner's platform.

Once the offer is created and submitted for review, Partners Operations Team will change the offer status from Under  Review to Active, making sure that the offer is available to the relevant customer only.

The offer will be displayed to the customer with the $0 price:


Macintosh HD:Users:katarzynaradzyminska:Desktop:Screenshot 2019-12-31 at 15.05.59.png