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How to create and manage offers in Partner Portal



Creating an offer is a required step for job boards and assessments/checks/video interviews providers using Assessment API. An offer is a representation of your individual product and can be either available to multiple customers or a single customer only.

Select Manage Offers option on the right-hand side

  Select “Create an Offer” from the right-hand side of the Offers page.


Create an Offer 1


Provide name and short description

Here are some examples:

Description: Post a job to the best job site for Silicon Valley IT positions (if the offer is open to all SmartRecruiters cusotmers)

Description: Package for the customer: XYZ (if the offer is meant for a specific customer only)

Description: A language test 


NOTE: If you would like the offer to be visible only for specific customer, please include the customer name in the offer description i.e. “Package for the customer: XYZ

The Catalog ID field (applicable only for Assessment vendors) allows you to enter a value that can be used to uniquely identify particular products. Catalog ID is a value that is used by Partners to map the particular product in your system to the products you create in SmartRecruiters. Catalog ID is always defined by you and is displayed in the API.


The Category field should be left blank.

assessment description

Define Target Market (this section is only applicable for job boards)

If you do not integrate a job board, please skip this section.


The Target Market settings make sure your offers show up to the appropriate customers.

The Target Market is broken down into Industry, Function, Experience Level, Locations, and Keywords. For each of the categories start typing in a respective value to see a list of available options and select the appropriate one.  To view all available options for each section, you can also click on the “Select” button next to each field.  You are also able to select multiple entries for each Target Market field.

Once businesses start using your services, the placement of your offers are adjusted based on an algorithm.


Enter the terms of your offer


Define the product Availability

The Availability section allows you to define who sees and is able to use your services. You can open your offers so they are available to every business using SmartRecruiters or you can also limit the availability to customers matching specific criteria (such as in specific industries and/or locations). Use these options to display your offers to a relevant audience.

If this offer should expire after certain usages for the client or after the certain time, in the "AVAILABILITY" section you can select that:
- Filed "EXPIRES" -> select that offer "expires on a given date" and select when the offer should expire
- Field "QUANTITY" -> if you want the customer to be able to use this offer only once or twice or any other number of times, in this field select "Once per customer" or "X times per customer" and type in how many times it can be used. 

-Field “AVAILABLE TO” -> used by SmartRecruiters Partner Portal Administrators.

Save the offer by clicking the button at the bottom of the page

save offer

After saving, publish the offer by clicking the button that now appears at the bottom of the page

publish offer


That’s it!  Please wait for approval of your offer from SmartRecruiters. Please note, that it might take up to 24 business hours for your offer to be approved and visible within the SmartRecruiters system.