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Creating an account on Partner Portal - who needs it?



The Partner Portal is a platform that allows job boards and assessment vendors to register, create their product offering and, most importantly, to generate their Marketplace API token.

Creating an account on Partner Portal is a necessary step for the following types of vendors:

  • Aggregators

  • Job boards 

  • Assessment vendors (including background checks, skills tests, behavioral assessments, video interviews) 

  • Multiposting tools

  • Sourcing applications


In order to create your Partner account, please go to the sign up page here.

Creating an account is simple: enter your name, your email, your company name, and choose a password.


Screen Shot 2020-04-28 at 23.17.17.png


Remember to press  Create an Account at the bottom of the page in order to save your account details.Then, you will be asked to verify your email address details to access your account.

After account verification, the next step is to select whether you are a job board, assessment or recruiter and input your Personal Details and create a Company Profile.


Entering your personal details


At this step you are requested to complete some basic contact information so that we can get in touch with you regarding any questions on your offers or approval status. You can also add a photo (optional) to personalize your account on SmartRecruiters. The photo will not be displayed inside the marketplace, but will be displayed in communications between you and customers. You are also asked to describe your job site/board in 1-2 sentences.

Entering your company information


Here we ask you to complete your company details; this how your job board/site will appear for the customers at a purchase step. Enter the name and address of your company, as well as the company website. Add a longer description of your company and a logo for your organization. Your logo will be displayed to customers in the Marketplace and will help them identify your offers. 


The logo can be only added upon saving your profile first.


An important note on logos: in order to display properly, your logo must be on a transparent background and have dimensions of 300px x 120px. Supported file types are .png, .jpeg, .gif.

Once done, click on Save your profile.

You can edit your company profile at any time from your Company profile option. 


The profile will be tied to your offer, displayed to customers in their SmartRecruiters accounts.