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How does a Generated URL work?


1. Register your config via the POST /configs/ (see the guide)

2. resultURL – a URL that will be called each time a SmartRecruiters user opens results; passes orderId information as a parameter (will be added automatically to     the given URL), to help identify for which order a URL should be generated

POST /configs

"id": "resultURL",

      "value": "It must be an endpoint which will be able to handle payload with order id"

3. resultHeader (optional) – header parameters that will be passed when making the call; usually will contain authentication data. 

  • Example: authToken: 123456

Each time the user clicks to see assessment results (assuming that you posted them with the GENERATED_URL resultType), SmartRecruiters will perform a GET request as in the example: curl -i -H "authToken: 123456" -X GET


4. Your Application receives the request from SmartRecruiters, matches the results in question, generates new URL and returns it back to SmartRecruiters:


As a reply a vendor should send only URL redirecting to results as a string.