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A step-by-step assessment workflow for Partners



Step-by-step Assessment workflow for Partners

This article describes how to test the entire assessment workflow for Partners. It shows how to order an assessment from the customer’s perspective and then, how to process the assessment order via the Assessment API.

In order to test the entire Assessment workflow, you would need:

If you need assistance setting these up, please contact your Partner Operations Consultant.

Please follow the steps below to test the entire assessment workflow:


NOTE: Create your test offer with a $0 price, so that you can order it while testing without any payments.

Once you refresh the candidate profile page, you notice your assessment order appeared on the right side of the profile with “Pending” default status:



This is how ordering an assessment looks like from the customer’s perspective. The next steps will describe, what you need to do to grab this order in the Assessment API, how to process them and how it will be reflected for the Customer in the UI.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that you copy the key and save it in a secure manner, as for security reasons the key disappears from your account UI shortly after generation. We will not be able to retrieve it for you, the only option then would be refreshing it in your account.


By using the API key from your Partner Portal account, call the GET/assessments endpoint to get a list of your assessment orders. You should find the assessment order for your candidate there.
A full documentation for this endpoint is available here.

You can grab all of the details of your test candidate directly from this endpoint (such as candidate name, email address etc.) and send the assessment to your test candidate.

NOTE: SmartRecruiters does not send any assessments to the candidates. It’s up to the partner to grab candidate’s details from the GET endpoint and send the assessment to the candidate.


  1. Login to your Partner account and create your test assessment offer.

  2. Once your assessment offer will be ready, it would need to be activated by Partner’s Team only for your customer’s sandbox account. Feel free to contact the Partner Operations Consultant you're working with to request that activation or wait 24 hours for the offer to be activated.

  3. Once the assessment offer will be activated, you can login to your Customer sandbox account, and create a sample candidate for whom you will order the assessment. In order to do this, click on a “+” button on the very top of the page and select “Add candidate”.


  4. Once your sample candidate will be created, go to the candidate profile and in the “Assessment” section visible on the right side of the page select “Browse” to see your test assessment on the list. It should be visible under the type you have selected when creating your test assessment offer.

  5. Select your test assessment from the list and click on Continue


  6. On the next pop-up window click on “Send” to order the assessment.

  7.  Go back to your Partner Account and enter the “Marketplace API” section. You will find there the API key (X-SmartToken) for the authentication in the Assessment API.

  8. Use the POST /assessments/{assessmentOrderId}/accept endpoint to accept the order and change the status of the order from “Pending” to “In Progress”.
    Full documentation for this endpoint here.

  9.  Once you accept the order, the assessment will change its status from “Pending” to “In progress” on the UI within your customer sandbox account:

  10.  After the candidate completes the assessment, you can submit the results by using the POST /assessments/{assessmentOrderId}/results/ endpoint.
    Full documentation for this endpoint here.

  11.  You can also attach the attachment to the results by using POST /assessments/{assessmentOrderId}/results/{resultId}/attachments/ endpoint.
    Full documentation here.

  12.  After that you have to change the status of the assessment order to “Complete” by using POST /assessments/{assessmentOrderId}/complete endpoint.
    Full documentation here.

  13.  The assessment order will also change its status on the UI to “Complete” and the customer will be able to see the results and attachments.