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Match Score

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SmartAssistant's Match score is a discrete score on a 0 to 100 scale, calculated using the information in a candidate’s application and in the job, that provides an interpretation of the candidate’s fit for a particular job.MatchScore.png

Calculating the score

SmartRecruiters considers the experience, education, skills, and previous company from their application when calculating the score.  Essentially, we read through the job description; look at key things like job title, required years of experience and skills, and education; and produce a set of criteria for the job using this information. Then, we do the same for the candidate’s application, and see how well the application matches up to the job’s criteria. 

The score is calculated when the candidate’s application is added to SmartRecruiters (by the candidate or a recruiter), and doesn’t change once calculated. Each candidate application has an independent Match score. So, if a candidate applies to multiple jobs, they may have different Match scores for each application. Candidates will never see their score.

SmartRecruiters currently calculates the Match score for only candidates who apply with applications in English, French and German to jobs written in either one of those languages.


SmartAssistant seatholders can see a candidate’s Match score:

  • on the Applicant List of a job MatchScoreApplicantList.png
  • on the candidate’s profileScoreBreakdown.pngMatchScore_OtherApplications.png

You can also filter candidates in the Applicant list of a job by their Match score. Those without a score are included by default. If you do not exclude them by unchecking the No match score option,  when you filter by Match score, candidates without a match score will be moved to the bottom of the list.

​​​​​If you don’t see a Match score for a particular candidate, it’s because SmartRecruiters doesn’t have sufficient data to calculate the match. For example, if the candidate’s profile is missing education data, we might be unable to generate the score.  Another reason is that the candidate's resume wasn't parsed, or if the resume is not in English, French or German. 

Match score summary

On the Candidate Profile, if we’ve calculated a Match score, you’ll be able to review a summary with highlights of the application. This summary is broken down into different categories, such as Work Experience, Skills, and Education.


  • Work experience attributes show job titles that a candidate has held and companies where the candidate has worked.
  • Skills attributes lists the relevant skills found on the candidate's profile
  • Education attributes shows the name of the schools that a candidate has attended and the name of the majors/degrees and names of certifications found on candidate's profile.

Match score feedback

In the Match Score Summary there’s a section for providing feedback. This feedback helps SmartRecruiters improve how we calculate Match scores for your company.  

  • Select Yes if the Match score made sense, and helped you decide whether the candidate was a good fit.
  • Select No if the Match score doesn’t make sense or seems wrong, then select a reason why:
    • Score is too high
    • Score is too low
    • Data is incorrect or missing
    • Other

Your feedback is important to us, and will help ensure that the Match score results are as accurate and useful as possible.