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SmartAssistant's Discovery helps recruiters by suggesting jobs which would be a good fit for a particular candidate, and highlighting similar candidates. Discovery scans your candidate database in real-time to surface and suggests strong candidates for your job openings.


Every time a new job is published, SmartAssistant will automatically scan your talent pool and surface matching profiles for you to add as leads. Suggested profiles are selected from the pool of candidates that have applied to your jobs in the past, or those who’ve been added to the system by you through other means. Internal employees are included, given they’ve created a profile.

Our matching algorithms take into account candidate’s past work experience, education, demonstrated skills, and several other factors to determine the best fit. The job description is analyzed in a similar manner to determine job location, level, tasks, skills and other requirements that can be used as criteria to match candidates.

Discover candidates

After a job is posted, a SmartAssistant seatholder can discover matching candidates in the company's SmartRecruiters account from the Applicant list of the job. SmartAssistant will only recommend candidates to a seatholder if the seatholder has access to those candidates, e.g., candidates from another job that the seatholder can access.

If no candidates have been added to the new job yet, just click Discover candidates:


SmartAssistant will suggest a list of candidates from your SmartRecruiters database that match the job:

Discover_SuggestEmptyList.pngYou can navigate through the list of matching candidates by clicking the Previous/Next arrows. For each candidate, click Add to Leads to add that candidate to the list, Candidates are added to the job in Lead state with a source of "SmartAssistant".

For candidates that don't look like a good fit, click Pass to remove them from the list of matching candidates. Candidates that you've passed on will be removed from the list and won't show up the next time you use the Discovery feature for this job. However, Discovery may recommnend these candidates for other jobs

If there's a least one candidate on the job, just click Discover candidates to review the list of matching candidates:Discovery_nonempty.png

Discover also helps identify candidates with similar profiles.

On any candidate's profile, check the Similar Profiles widget for other candidates with similar profiles:


Again, SmartAssistant will only recommend candidates to a seatholder if the seatholder has access to those candidates.