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SmartAssistant is a SmartRecruiters add-on that empowers Artificial Intelligence (AI) to build a layer of intelligence to super-charge candidate screening, shortlisting, and candidate recommendations, so that recruiters can effectively match the best people to the right job. 

In the new release, in addition to the existing Match Score (which calculates a person's suitability for a job), SmartAssistant will also automatically segment candidates and prospects into relevant groups based on job requirements and historical data of the company. Recruiters will be able to see these groups and proactively filter large candidate pools by outstanding characteristics, such as suitable skill sets, graduates in top education institutions, nearby locations, relevant career experience, and much more. The idea is to provide an overview of the candidate pool at a glance, which makes the tasks of sourcing and shortlisting candidates faster and insightful for recruiters.




In addition to grouping candidates into relevant stacks, SmartAssistant will also look into the company’s talent pool and recommend past applicants who might be a good fit for the job. Recruiters will also be able to combine further filters as needed. Community candidates are also considered when we look for potential recommendations.

Clicking on applicants or recommendations opens a sliding panel with their summary and access to their profile pages, so Recruiters can take further actions, such as moving them across application steps or inviting them to interview.




Q: How are stacks created? 

A: Our Data Science team is able to extract a wide range of information related to employment, education, skills and others by applying Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing techniques on both job descriptions and candidate profiles. This information, along with historical data about interviewing and hiring decisions, is used to identify characteristics that are relevant for the job at hand. For instance, these can be “having a master degree in marketing”, “being located in the same city”, or “being skilled in a specific subject”.

Q: Can I select multiple stacks at the same time? 

A: Yes. Clicking on multiple stacks will provide an intersection, thus showing only candidates that are present in all selected stacks.

Q: Can I specify additional requirements regardless of the suggested stacks? 

A: Filters can be used for this purpose. For instance, if the candidate to be hired has to have a specific education degree, you can filter by such major and only candidates satisfying this constraint will be shown.

Q: Where do recommended candidates come from? 

A: We use the set of candidates who previously applied to jobs from your company as a source for recommendations. We also look at candidate profiles created through the communities product (SmartCRM). Among these, we only show candidates that are relevant enough for the job at hand.