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SmartAssistant improves hiring velocity by increasing productivity at your top of funnel sourcing activities by using powerful matching algorithms which provides your recruiters with candidate scores to support decision making around who are potential good fits to move forward in the hiring process as well as the ability to discover otherwise hidden talent.

Companies can purchase SmartAssistant as an add-on to SmartRecruit. Access to SmartAssistant's features is managed by assigning seats to specific users.



MatchScore helps accelerate the hiring process by pre-screening and scoring each candidate based on their fit for the job. It won't make decisions for you, but it'll help you restack the list of applicants to highlight candidates who are the best fit, without having to scroll through the whole list and review one-by-one.


When candidates apply (or are added to a job by a recruiter), SmartAssistant compares their application information to the job advert they applied to, and calculates a score for that application. Each application is scored relative to the job they are applying for, so a candidate who applies to more than one job will have multiple, independent scores.

Discovery (Currently in BETA)

The Discovery feature will scan your candidate database and talent communities (if applicable) to surface and suggest strong candidates for your job opening. The list of recommended candidates can be reviewed using the dynamically created 'stacks' to further segregate the potential new candidates based on certain attributes and added to the job for consideration.


SmartAssistant can intelligently understand English, Chinese, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Slovak, Spanish and Swedish candidate profiles, resumes/CVs documents, as well as job advert descriptions!


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    Learn about how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are used in our SmartAssistant product including how we designed the solution to reduce and try to eliminate bias in our algorithms.
  • Discovery (Currently in BETA)
    Learn more about SmartAssistant's Discovery tool, which helps recruiters by surfacing potential candidates for a job from your existing candidate database.
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    Learn more about how SmartRecruiters calculates and displays SmartAssistant's MatchScore.