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Included in:
  • SmartStart
  • SmartRecruit


Candidates have the option to create an account with SmartRecruiters Candidate Portal. Here, candidates can access their SmartProfile, which is a current snapshot of the information that SmartRecruiters has on file for the candidate. 

This is the Main page view, which displays the candidate's Active Job Applications and current SmartAcademy articles


Candidates can modify the information on the SmartProfile by clicking on Menu -> My SmartProfile. Candidates also have the ability to Export to PDF.


In this view, candidates can edit, add, or delete the experience, education, and personal information after applying to a job. The profile completeness bar indicates the completion status and provides suggestions about boosting the candidate's SmartProfile. The candidate has to Save after making any changes to the draft.

Once edits are saved, candidates can click Publish Now to publish the edits to their existing active applications.


Publication syncs the SmartProfile with all existing, active applications at all companies to which the candidate has applied to using the same email. Hiring team members working on these jobs will see the edits immediately, but will not receive a notification that updates were made.


The SmartRecruiters candidate portal can be accessed from this link