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Schedule an interview

Included in:
  • SmartStart
  • SmartRecruit


SmartRecruiters' Interview Scheduler' side-by-side calendar comparison makes it easy to schedule interviews with multiple participants. 


In order to view your interviewers' calendars and find available time, you'll need to have an active calendar integration. You can use the scheduler without an active calendar integration, but you'll need to compare your interviewers' calendars outside of SmartRecruiters.

Schedule new interview

To get started:

  1. Navigate to the candidate’s application.
  2. Click the Interview tab.InterviewTab_Empty.png
  3. Click Schedule Interview to open the Scheduler.InterviewScheduler_Empty.png

By default, SmartRecruiters will choose the candidate's current step in the hiring process. If necessary, chose a different step:


Set location

By default, SmartRecruiters assumes you'll be hosting the interview at the job's location, and will list this location in the invitation emails. If the interview will be held elsewhere, click the Where field and select another location:InterviewLocation.png

Find a time

The Hiring Team list will display all current members of the hiring team for the job.

  1. Choose one or more members in this list to compare their calendars and find a time when they're all available
  2. Scroll up or down to look through the various timeslots in the day, or look for availability on other dates by clicking the date and choosing a new day from the datepicker. 

Create the event

To create an event:

  1. Click on the calendar in the timeslot you'd like to reserve
  2. By default, SmartRecruiters will add new events with a 30-minute duration. To extend this duration:
    • Click on the event and drag up or down, or
    • Click the Duration field and choose a new time (up to 3 hours) from the list. 

If you need to schedule the event for more than 3 hours, use the dragging method. 

SmartRecruiters also allows for custom durations down to 5-minute increments.

CustomInterviewDuration.pngTo create a interview slot with a custom duration:

  1. Click to create a new slot.
  2. Drag it to the desired start time, then click Save.
  3. Click on the slot to edit it.
  4. Enter the desired duration, and click Update.

Just like before, you can stack back-to-back interviews by carefully moving slots with your cursor. You can confirm slots in the Summary section located at the bottom of the scheduling page. StackedSlots.png

Add event details

Once you've created the event:

  1. Select a type from your list of interview types.
  2. Add an event title.
  3. If necessary, add additional participants by searching for users by name.
  4. Reserve conference rooms, projectors, and other resources on your calendar by searching for them by name.
  5. Enter a note to interviewers.SmartRecruiters will add this note to the event on interviewers' calendars.
  6. Click Add when finished. You’ll return to the calendar, and see a summary of the event.
  7. Click the event on the calendar to update its details or remove it.

Add messages

Once you’ve created the interview(s), click Add candidate message to select an email template or write a new email to the candidate. Templates with an Invitation to Interview type will be available here. 

This step is optional. If you choose to not email the candidate, SmartRecruiters will only send an invite to the interview team. This is a good way to get confirmation from your hiring managers and interviews before you invite the candidate.

The rich-text editor supports a variety of standard HTML formatting, hyperlinks, and merge fields. You can also add attachments. If you'd like to send a copy of this message to someone on the hiring team or another user in your account, click Details and search for the user by name.

You can also add a message to the invitations to your interviewers. Unlike the note in the event, this message will show up in the invitation email only.

Send Invites

Click Send to finalize the event and send interview invitations. SmartRecruiters will always notify all interviewers by email when you create a new event. If you’ve added a message to the candidate, SmartRecruiters will email them as well. 

Monitor Invites

Once you’ve sent invites, you can monitor the status of each invite from the Interview tab on the candidate’s application. InterviewsTab.png
Invites have three statuses:

  • Invite sent: SmartRecruiters sent the invite, but the recipient has not responded. 
  • Invite Accepted: Recipient accepted the invite.
  • Invite Declined: Recipient declined the invite. 

Interviews can either respond via the invite email, or in the event on their calendar. 

Update interview

If you've scheduled and event and sent the invites, you can make changes to the event from the Interview tab and send updates to interviewers by email.

Just click Edit, and make changes as necessary.InterviewsTab.png