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Slot Management with calendar integration

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SmartRecruiters' Interview Scheduler' side-by-side calendar comparison makes it easy to schedule interviews with multiple participants. 


With an active calendar integration, you will be able to view your interviewers' calendars and send suggest interview time blocks to candidates based on your interviewer's availability.

You can use the scheduler without an active calendar integration, but you'll need to compare your interviewers' calendars outside of SmartRecruiters.

Slot Management

In addition to mass self-scheduling, our scheduling functionality now supports scenarios when you need to invite more than one candidate to be interviewed by the same team at once. This is helpful for scheduling interview events, such as coffee hours at university career fairs, career days in retail locations, and much more. 

Simply initiate a mass self-scheduling workflow as described before, and specify what should be the maximum capacity of an interview time slot. As a result, the slot will keep getting shown to candidates as “available” until the capacity limit is reached.

Note that “Capacity” field is only shown when you are sending self-scheduling invites in bulk - it will not appear in the individual self-scheduling workflow. 

What else you can do?

Learn to invite candidates to select interview times within specified available times.
Learn to invite candidates to self-schedule in bulk.
Learn to empower schedulers who need to schedule over existing calendar events when initiating the scheduling.