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Recurring Availability with calendar integration

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SmartRecruiters' Interview Scheduler' side-by-side calendar comparison makes it easy to schedule interviews with multiple participants. 


With an active calendar integration, you will be able to view your interviewers' calendars and send suggest interview time blocks to candidates based on your interviewer's availability.

You can use the scheduler without an active calendar integration, but you'll need to compare your interviewers' calendars outside of SmartRecruiters.

Recurring Availability

Another functionality that helps fuel high-volume interviewing is recurring availability management. It allows more flexibility and visibility around interview scheduling that helps all hiring team members plan and manage their interview participation better. 

Specifically, it empowers schedulers who need to schedule over existing calendar events when initiating the scheduling from SmartRecruiters, removes the need to repetition of booking calendars of frequent interviewers, and allows interviewers to know what days/times schedulers are sending as “available” to their candidates.

To use recurring availability, simply click into the time selected on a calendar within the self-scheduling screen. You will be able to select repeatability of a selected time slot (for example, you know that a hiring manager is generally available every Wednesday after lunch for interviews). 

You can then specify how long the placeholder should be repeated until using a calendar navigator. 

Further, you can specify the event title (e.g. “Hold for interviews”) and add any notes or details that you’d wish to share with the interviewers whose calendars you are placing a recurring availability hold on.

When candidates will be confirming interviews via self-scheduling, the interviewers’ recurring availability time slots will be shown to them as “available” so that the new interviews can be scheduled during those times. 

Meanwhile, on the interviewer calendar they will appear as events with the details specified by the scheduler (e.g. “Hold for Interviews”) so that the interviewers can have more visibility and make better decisions managing their calendars. Note that if an interviewer declines the recurring availability calendar event or schedules a different event during that time in addition to the “hold” event, the hold block will still be shown in SmartRecruiters interview scheduling panel, and shown as available time to candidates. So the scheduler will need to remove it from SmartRecruiters if they would like to fully cancel the “hold” block.

To make it easier to distinguish between interview recurring availability “holds” and other events on the interviewer calendar, when scheduling from SmartRecruiters, the “hold” events will have a special  visual treatment as shown above. Schedulers can schedule interviews manually over those time slots. 

Recurring availability functionality can be used either from individual or mass self-scheduling workflow.

What else you can do?

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