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Mass Self-Scheduling with calendar integration

  • SmartRecruit


SmartRecruiters' Interview Scheduler' side-by-side calendar comparison makes it easy to schedule interviews with multiple participants. 


With an active calendar integration, you will be able to view your interviewers' calendars and send suggest interview time blocks to candidates based on your interviewer's availability.

You can use the scheduler without an active calendar integration, but you'll need to compare your interviewers' calendars outside of SmartRecruiters.

Mass Self Scheduling

Schedulers are frequently tasked with the goal to take a bulk action to schedule many applicants with one or more interviewers so that the process of interviewing applicants becomes less repetitive. Bulk action of inviting candidates to self-schedule is now supported for all users who have the permission to invite candidates to interviews on a given job.

To initiate mass self-scheduling, users need to navigate to the job page and open applicant list for that job. Once all candidates you’d like to invite to self-schedule are selected, you can use the bulk action “Invite to self-schedule” to proceed with scheduling.

From that point on, the self-scheduling will be exactly like it is when inviting candidates to self-schedule individually. You can specify things like interview type, duration, team members that need to participate as interviewers and invitation templates. 

You will also see how many candidates you are inviting to self-schedule as shown below. Keep that in mind when selecting how many time slots you pick as available for interviews on the interviewing team’s end, as you want to make the amount of time available proportional to the number of candidates who you need to schedule. 

If all the time slots get filled before a given candidate in the mass self-scheduling batch picks a slot, that candidate will see that no slots are available to them currently, and they can then message a recruiter to ask for more slots that can be released through a new invitation to self-schedule or by removing conflicting events from the interviewers’ calendars. 

What else you can do?

Learn to invite candidates to select interview times within specified available times.
Learn to invite more than one candidate to be interviewed by the same team at once.
Learn to empower schedulers who need to schedule over existing calendar events when initiating the scheduling.