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Mobile Interviews Hub

Included in:
  • SmartStart
  • SmartRecruit


SmartRecruiters’ Hiring App makes it easy to review, interview, and rate candidates on your phone or tablet. We’ve extended the functionality of the Interviews component on the mobile app to make you a more effective interviewer.

List of Interviews

To review a list of past and upcoming interviews:

  • On iOS, tap Interviews at the bottom of your device.
  • On Android, tap the Menu icon or swipe left-to-right from the edge of the screen.
iOS Android

The list is split into three sections:

  • The Upcoming interviews list contains any interviews that have not yet reached their scheduled ending time. Tap one to see its details.
  • Pending Feedback interviews are past interviews for candidates that you haven’t yet left a review. An interview moves from Upcoming to Pending feedback when it has ended. Tap Review to submit a review for the candidate, or tap the timeslot information to see interview details.
  • Interviews move from Pending Feedback to Past Interviews when you provide a review for the candidate, or after three days if you still have not entered a review. Tap to see a list of past interviews and their details.

Interview details

On the Interview Details screen, you’ll find:

  • A summary of the interview, with candidate name and the job they’re interviewing for
  • The full list of interviewers, grouped by scheduled time
  • Status of each interviewers (Confirmed, Pending, Declined)
iOS Android

Time slots (or appointments) appear in chronological order on the Interview Details screen. Each lists:

  • all participants in an interview time slot
  • Resource (e.g., room) reserved for the time slot

You’ll be able to Accept or Decline an invite if you haven’t responded to the interview invite. Tap Accept or Decline for your scheduled time slot. 

Under the interview summary:

  • Tap Message Candidate to compose a message to the candidate.
  • Tap View Scorecard to review the scorecard criteria defined for the role.
  • Tap View Profile to open their profile.

Message candidate

iOS Android

View scorecard criteria

iOS Android

Leaving a review

iOS Android


View Profile

iOS Android