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Delayed Rejections

Included in:
  • SmartStart
  • SmartRecruit


Delayed Rejections allow members of the hiring team who can reject a candidate to reject a candidate today, but notify the candidate immediately or at a later date. That way, rejected candidates leave the hiring process with respect for your company and the belief that your team gave their application the right amount of consideration. 



To schedule a rejection, just click Reject on the application:


Though the rejection will take effect immediately in SmartRecruiters, Delayed Rejections let you delay notification to the candidate for:

  • 2 business days,
  • 5 business days, or
  • until a custom date and time.



Candidate experience

From the candidates' perspective, the rejection actually happens on this date -- when SmartRecruiters sends the delayed message, then updates the status of their application in their Candidate Portal. Those who are rejected immediately, without a delayed message, will see the update immediately.

The hiring team will be able to see which candidates on a job were rejected, and whether there's a pending rejection message. PendingMessage_Profile.png

Candidates with pending messages are clearly marked on the on the People page.PendingMessage_ApplicantList.png

Scheduling a rejection will also add the pending message to the Emails tab of the candidate's profile:



To cancel the scheduled message, just visit the candidate's profile and click Cancel in the Pending Message  box.PendingMessage_Profile.pngCancelPending.png

Cancel the scheduled message does not change the candidate's status. They'll remain in Rejected status.    

You can also reassign the candidate to the same or another job. SmartRecruiters will cancel the rejection and the scheduled message.


If the delay period for pending Delayed Rejection exceeds the data retention period for an applicable Global Compliance ruleset, SmartRecruiter will not delete the candidate's data until after sending the rejection email and the Keep your profile? that asks if the candidate would like to keep their information on file.

This override exists because your company will need the candidate's information in order to send the rejection email.