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Defer Candidate

  • SmartRecruit


Defer Candidate makes it easy for hiring team members with full access to a job and its candidates to set up reminders and notifications to defer follow-up with candidates until a later date. SmartRecruiters will let you know via email when it's time to reach out again.

Set reminders

Reminders can be set for individual candidates, or for a group of candidates, with a date and a note for context.

To set a reminder for a single candidate:

  1. Navigate to the candidate's profile.
  2. Open the Actions menu next to the Reject button.
  3. Click Defer.ParApps_AppActions.png
  4. Choose an expiration date. SmartRecruiters will send an email when the date arrives.DeferCandidateModal.png
  5. Add a reason for deferral in the Note field. This reason will show up on the candidate's profile, and will be visible to the hiring team - so users should omit notes about sensitive subjects such as health.
  6. Click Defer.

Monitoring deferral

Once the reminder is set, SmartRecruiters adds the event to the Notes tab of the candidate's profile and to Hireloop so that the whole team knows this candidate had paused in the hiring process; why; and for how long.


Anyone with access to the candidate can see the event, but the candidate is never notified, and their status in the hiring process remains unchanged.  Users with full access can edit the end date or note, or cancel the reminder early by re-engaging the candidate. 

Deferred candidates are also clearly marked in the People page's list and on the Applicant list (of the job).


To quickly filter for candidates that have active reminders, use the Show Deferred candidates filter on the People page or Applicant List:


Reminder to reach out

When the deferral period ends (or the deferral is cancelled), SmartRecruiters will send an email notification that it's time to reach out.


Anyone with full access to the job can opt in/out of this notification in their personal email preferences.