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Can I add a candidate's code samples to my reviews?


Reviewers can also add code from candidates' whiteboarding or example exercises into their reviews. 


You can add code blocks in reviews (left on the Reviews tab) but not in notes (left on the Notes tab).

Adding snippet

To add code to a review:

  1. Paste the snippet into the Reviews tab and enclose the whole snippet in two sets of three backticks:EnterCodeBlock.png

    You can find the backtick key on your keyboard immediately to the left of the 1/! key, above the tab key.

    Make sure that each trio of backticks is on a separate line from the rest of the code. Otherwise, SmartRecruiters won't format the snippet correctly.
  2. Once the review is saved, SmartRecruiters will automatically collapse the snippet. CodeBlock_Collapsed.pngJust click View Code Block to expand it.


If the snippet looks like this:


then the first set of backticks is probably on the same line as the first line of code:

BadBackticksEditor.pngJust hit Return to put the start of the snippet's code onto the line after the first set of backticks.