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Reviewing and interviewing candidates

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Schedule interviews and  interview, review candidates, and provide feedback to collaboratively select the best candidates.


Hiring is a team effort, and good collaboration is essential for selecting the right candidate. SmartRecruiters' interviewing and reviewing features make it easy to manage candidates during the interview process and to collect actionable, measurable feedback from the team.

With or without an active Google or Microsoft calendar integration, the Interview Scheduler makes it easy to coordinate interview with candidates and multiple interviewers. 

After the interview is complete, interviewers have a number of ways to provide feedback on the candidate. 

  • Scorecards and star ratings help standardize the feedback and structure it into measurable data.
  • Free-text comments and reviews help hiring team members collaborate and share their thoughts and explanations for ratings.
  • The side-by-side candidate comparison tool makes it easy to simultaneously compare multiple candidates across multiple criteria.



  • Can candidates apply to more than one job?

    Yes! Candidates can express interest in as many positions within your organization as they'd like. However, they can only have one active application at a time.

    Learn more about how SmartRecruiters manages multiple applications.



  • Can I schedule interviews on different calendars?

    Yes! If you have an active Google Calendar or MS Office 365 integration, and you have full (read/write) access to more than one calendar on your company's domain (e.g.,, you'll be able to select which calendar SmartRecruiters should use for scheduling interviews:

    1. Navigate to Settings / Admin.
    2. Click Calendar Preferences in the User Account list. 
    3. Choose a calendar from the dropdown list. 
    4. Click Save.

    Calendars other than your Default calendar are considered "secondary" calendars. If you choose a secondary calendar for scheduling interviews, events from both the secondary and default calendars will appear when you schedule an interview.