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Tracking referrals

Included in:
  • SmartStart
  • SmartRecruit


Referrals are one of the best ways to get good candidates. When someone in your SmartRecruiters refers a candidate for a job, SmartRecruiters clearly labels the candidate's profile with the name of the referrer.

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As a recruiter or hiring manager

Recruiters and hiring managers can track the referrals for a job on the Sourcing tab of the job's page. Look in the Applications by Source panel to see the total number of referrals for that job. 

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Open the Referrals panel to see the Leaderboard, which lists all referrers and the number of referrals they've provided for that job.

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You'll need full access to a job to see its Referrals leaderboard.

To give feedback on a referred candidate to the referrer, just leave a note on the Notes tab of the candidate's profile.
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Make sure to @-mention the referrer by name. For privacy, choose the Direct message type so that only you and the referrer see the message.

As an employee

Employees who have submitted referrals before can monitor the status of their referrals from the My Referrals page.

To check on your referrals, open the user menu and click My Referrals.

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Check the Your Referrals list for the status of each referral:

  • Referrals with a Hire status got the job! 
  • Referrals with an Offer status have received an offer, and have not yet accepted it.
  • The hiring team is actively considering referrals in In-Review status.
  • Referrals with an Interview status have a scheduled interview in the past or future.
  • Referrals in Lead status haven't been reviewed yet.
  • Referrals in the Didn't work out list weren't a good fit, and weren't chosen. 
  • Referrals in the Other list are under consideration for another position. These candidates were referred to another position, and that job's hiring team thought they might be a good fit for a different position.

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