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Included in:
  • SmartStart
  • SmartRecruit


Some of the best hires come from referrals. SmartRecruiters' Referrals makes it easy for employees to submit referrals, and for hiring managers and recruiters to track and manage referrals.


In the Referrals portal, employees can easily submit referrals to specific jobs, and monitor the progress of each referrals through the hiring process. They can also get a unique link for sharing a specific job to get more approvals. 

When someone submits a referral, SmartRecruiters emails the potential candidate for follow-up. Each referred candidate is added as a lead, and marked with their referrer's name. The candidate can then apply on their own to become an active candidate on the job.

GDPR retention rules

SmartRecruiters offers administrators the ability to set up a GDPR Data Retention Rule. Upon request, if the candidate did not give his consent within 30 days, then the profile will be automatically deleted. 

This rule will now apply to referrals. When a user makes a referral in the system, a message is sent to the referred candidate, asking them to officially apply and give their consent.  The email will contain the following message:

Dear [Referral First Name] [Referral Last Name],

[Referrer First Name Referrer Last Name] referred you to the position of [JobTitle] in [JobLocation] at [Company]. If you're interested in the position, you can apply by viewing the job ad here [link] and clicking "I'm Interested". If you do not, your information will be deleted from [Company] in 30 days.

Thank you,

[Company] Hiring Team

If the referred candidate does not apply and give his consent, then they will be deleted automatically from the system after 30 days.The GDPR Retention Rule is optional and can be configured within the Global Compliance setting.