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New Hire Data Masking

Included in:
  • SmartStart
  • SmartRecruit


New Hire Data Masking

Candidates who are onboarding have a lot of sensitive data captured on their profile - this includes reviews, ratings, offers, and information on the hiring tab. Once the employment start date is reached as captured on the Hiring tab, sensitive data is hidden from the hiring team and other users with access to the profile. This protects the new hires’ privacy. It is a feature that can initially be requested via the SmartRecruiters Support team, but will be a configurable feature (in Settings/Admin) which can be toggled on/off in the future. Administrators will retain access to the full profile at all times. 

  1. Administrator tests this feature in customers’ sandbox and decides to enable it. 

  2. Administrator sends a request to turn the feature on via a support ticket, which is completed. 

  3. An offer is made and the start date is established. The Hiring Manager and Recruiter can see full profile details.

  1. By the start date, sensitive data will be hidden for all users except Administrators. The timing of the calculation will be GMT+14 (thus the action happens 14 hours before midnight GMT), so for the western time zones, like the United States, sensitive data can be hidden a day before the start date. Note that only two tabs are visible after the start date, instead of seven.



What triggers this feature to hide sensitive data? The application is in HIRED status and the start date based on GMT+14 will be the trigger. The HIRED status can also be set using our Candidate API, which does not require that a start date be set. Where status is HIRED and there is no value for start date, the new hire data masking will be applied immediately.

Will this feature be configurable via Settings / Admin? Yes. Turning this feature on via support tickets is a temporary solution.  

Is there any visual indicator to a user that a profile has hidden data? No. If this feature is “on” then users will need to learn the system behavior.    

Which users will sensitive data be hidden from? All users except Administrators. So, members of hiring teams, extended users, people with access group privileges, and individuals with whom candidates were shared will not see the sensitive information. 

What sensitive data is hidden with this feature? 

  • Reviews tab

  • Notes tab 

  • Activity tab

  • Screening tab

  • Compare candidates feature is disabled

  • Offer tab

  • Hiring tab

  • Application Fields widget

  • Assessments widget

Can this feature be configured on a per-job basis? No. Either it is on/off for all jobs.

Does the feature also hide data when running searches and in the analytics dashboards? Yes. It's not possible to uncover masked data by running searches. Also, all counts of hires are still recorded correctly.

Does the feature also hide data in Android and iOS mobile applications? Yes, the reviews and the star ratings are hidden.

Does this feature prevent new hires from seeing reviews, ratings about themselves? Yes. Customers sometimes hire multiple candidates onto one job which is left open for many months (evergreen job). When a new hire is onboarded to such a job, that person might be added to the hiring team in order to help as an interviewer. If this feature is “on”, then s/he will be prevented from seeing sensitive data.

Does the feature apply retroactively? Yes. Once enabled, the feature will work for all profiles which have a start date in the past.