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Extend an offer by email

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Hiring managers, recruiters, and executives can create and send job offers to candidates from the Offer tab. By default, SmartRecruiters will email the offer to the candidate and allow them to accept the offer manually. Companies with a DocuSign account can also integrate that account with SmartRecruiters to generate and send DocuSign offers without leaving SmartRecruiters.

Send offer

Once the offer is approved (or if your company does not require approvals), click Send via Email.

See these instructions for sending via DocuSign.

Choose an offer email template, or simply enter a new message. 

The offer email editor does allow you to add merge fields. Create a template to use merge fields.

Then, send it! When the candidate responds, mark the offer accepted or declined.

Complete the hire

Once you mark the candidate as accepted, the offer will change to suit.

Click Confirm Hiring to review the New Hire form. Fields that were included in the offer are not editable.

Then, click Confirm Hiring again. You'll have the chance to mass-reject remaining candidates and unpost the job, or simply keep the job open.