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Create an offer

SmartRecruiters' Offer workflow streamlines the process of creating personalized offers, requesting approvals, and conducting final reference and background checks.

Before you begin

To create an offer on a Corporate plan, you'll need a offer template:

Offer templates aren't available to Team or Personal accounts. Instead, users on these plans can simply send an email from the Offer tab.


Prepare the offer

  1. Navigate to the candidate's profile and click the Offer tab.
  2. Select an offer template.
  3. Fill out the offer's terms and details. Your company's candidate fields for this job may differ from this example.
  4. ​​​​​​Save and preview the offer, or edit it.

If your company has configured an assessment such as background or reference check for the Offer step in the job's hiring process, once you save the offer, SmartRecruiters will prompt you to send the check to the candidate.

Send for approvals

If the offer requires approval, you'll need to send it for approval before you can send it to the candidate.

Click Save to review the approvers, and add any necessary comments. Then, click Send for Approval.

Approvers will receive an email with the offers details, and can approve or decline the offer from email, the Hiring app, or within SmartRecruiters.  

Sample email

You can monitor the status of approvals from here on the Offer tab:

Extend offer

Now that you've created the offer, you can send it to the candidate.