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Talent Pools

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Talent pools are a great way to group candidates together to help your team filter, search, and managing candidates. 

For example, let's say a candidate applied to a job. They're not the right fit for that job, but they have good potential for another, specific job or type of job. You can add them to a Talent Pool so that you and your team(s) can review and consider them alongside similar candidates.

There are two ways to create a Talent Pool in SmartRecruiters:

  • Create the Talent Pool as a Job. 
  • Tag candidates.

Talent Pool as Job

This approach is similar to the General Application. Essentially, you'll create a general job, and assign candidates to the job. 

  • Advantages: Easily manage candidates in the pool without searching or filtering. Analyze the Pool as if it were job to determine the best sources. Manage the pool with a hiring team. Add Org and Job fields.
  • Disadvantages: Candidates must have inactive applications, with status New, Rejected, or Withdrawn. Otherwise, when you assign them to the Talent Pool, they will be notified. 

To  create the Talent Pool:

  1. Start creating a job as normal.
  2. Enter a title that will clearly the Talent Pool, e.g., Talent Pool for Engineering
  3. Add a description as necessary. You won't publish this job, so any description will be seen only by members of the hiring team.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Complete the Job Fields as you normally would for a public job.
  6. TalentPoolAsAJob.pngOn the third step of the Job Posting Wizard, add the team that should have access to the Pool, and add the (mandatory) Target Start Date. 
  7. Click Save.

Do not publish the job. 

SmartRecruiters will add the job to your list of Active jobs:

You'll be able to monitor the Talent Pool and use all of the job-related features on the Job Profile page:

To add candidates to the Talent Pool:

  1. From the candidate profile, open the More list:
  2. Enter the Talent Pool's name and click Reassign: 

Alternatively, you can bulk reassign from the People list by selecting multiple candidates and selecting Reassign from the Actions menu:


Talent Pool with Tags

In this approach, you'll assign specific tags to candidates so that you can filter and search for them in the People list. 

  • Advantages: Easy to create. Add candidates to multiple Talent Pools. No risk of inadvertently notifying candidates. Easy to see candidates that belong to multiple Talent Pools. Easily view the Pool using Saved Search.
  • Disadvantages: Only useful for searching and filtering.

To add a tag to a candidate:

  1. Click Add New in the Tags section of the candidate profile.
  2. Start typing the name of the tag. SmartRecruiters will automatically will show you similarly named tags from the list that have already been created.
  3. Select an existing tag, or keep typing the new tag. You'll know if the tag is totally new when SmartRecruiters cannot find a similar tag. 
  4. Press Enter to save the tag.

Each time you add a new tag, SmartRecruiters remembers it, and makes that tag available on all jobs. 


Once you've tagged your Talent Pool, you can view its list of candidates on the People page by using the Tags filter, by searching for the tag name, or using  Saved Search: