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Talent Pools

Included in:
  • SmartStart
  • SmartRecruit


Talent pools are a great way to group candidates together to help your team filter, search, and managing candidates. 

For example, let's say a candidate applied to a job. They're not the right fit for that job, but they have good potential for another, specific job or type of job. You can add them to a Talent Pool so that you and your team(s) can review and consider them alongside similar candidates.

There are two ways to create a Talent Pool in SmartRecruiters:

  • Create the Talent Pool as a Job. 
  • Tag candidates.

Job as Talent Pool 

In this method, you'll create a job and use it as a Talent Pool. This method is best used to share candidates with other people in your account who may not already have access to those candidates.

Let's look at an example.

Weyland-Yutani Industries (WYI) is hiring pilots. Their Careers page gets good traffic, but there's a large volume of applicants who apply to the General Application (rather than a specific job), and WYI needs a way to distribute these candidates for review by recruiters who are local to the candidates. Each recruiter should get access to only the candidates who are located nearby. 

To accomplish this, WYI will take advantage of a few features:

  • Saved Search queries for candidates with General Application source and a specific location
  • Talent Pool jobs for each location
  • Optional: Talent Pool org field
  • Optional: Access Groups for the Talent Pool jobs in each location
  1. First, create a job called Talent Pool - Pilots in Denver, and publishes it privately. (SmartStart users could simply save the job.) Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 11.26.27 AM.png
  2. Then, create a Saved Search using the Applied To and Location filters to find candidates with a General Application and a specific location:SavedSearch_TalentPool.png
  3. Select all of the candidates which the search retrieves, and click Add [x] candidates to another job.TalentPool_Assign.png
  4. Choose the Talent Pool from the list.AddtoPool.png

Remember that to get access to a candidate's application, a user must have access to the job associated with that application. Now that the candidates are assigned to the Talent Pool "job", it's time to give users access to these candidates so that they can be assigned to specific jobs, reviewed, and interviewed.

There are two ways to manage access to the Talent Pool job:

  • Assign users to the pool's Hiring Team.
  • Assign users to an Access Group that includes the pool. 

If you can spare an Org field, you could create a Talent Pool field with different types of pools, and set up an Access Group for each type of pool:TalentPool_AccessGroup.png

Alternatively, you could just other fields, such as City or Location.

Now, recruiters can move individual candidates to specific jobs using Add to Another Job:



Talent Pool with Tags

In this approach, you'll assign specific tags to candidates so that you can filter and search for them in the People list. This method is best suited for organizing candidates you already have access to, rather to share groups of candidates with other users in your account, because it requires those users to already have access to the candidates. 

To add a tag to a candidate:

  1. Click Add Tag in the Tags section of the candidate profile.Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 12.37.17 PM.png
  2. Start typing the name of the tag. SmartRecruiters will automatically show you similarly named tags from the list that have already been created. Tags.png
  3. Select an existing tag, or keep typing the new tag. You'll know if the tag is totally new when SmartRecruiters cannot find a similar tag. Tag_GoldFinalist.png
  4. Press Enter to save the tag.

Each time you add a new tag, SmartRecruiters remembers it, and makes that tag available on all jobs. 

Once you've tagged your Talent Pool, you can view its list of candidates on the People page by using the Tags filter, by searching for the tag name, or using  Saved Search:

Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 12.56.19 PM.png