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Tags are simple words or short phrases that you attach to a candidate's profile to describe their skills, experience or other important characteristics. By adding tags, you can group candidates into talent pools with similar skills or backgrounds, or review priority (e.g., a shortlist). 

Tagging candidates

To add a tag to a candidate:

  1. Click Add New in the Tags section of the candidate profile.
  2. Start typing the name of the tag. SmartRecruiters will automatically will show you similarly named tags from the list that have already been created.
  3. Select an existing tag, or keep typing the new tag. You'll know if the tag is totally new when SmartRecruiters cannot find a similar tag. 
  4. Press Enter to save the tag.

Each time you add a new tag, SmartRecruiters remembers it, and makes that tag available on all jobs. 


Mass tagging

You can apply tags to multiple candidates at the same time using the Share function.

  1. On the main People list, or the People tab of a job, select two or more candidates. Alternatively, just click Select All to select every candidate in the list. 
  2. Click the Actions button to bring up the Actions menu, and select Share (x) candidates.
  3. Enter the tag. Make sure to begin it with a #
  4. SmartRecruiters will add the tag to the application of every candidate in the note.

Filter by tags

The Tags filter on the  People list lets you filter by the tags you and your team have added to candidates. Since tags are entirely custom, you’ll be able to choose from the full list of any tags that were created in your account, including those not currently assigned to any candidates.

On the global People list, you can filter for tags using the Tags filter:

You also can filter the candidates on a specific job by tags using the Filters on the job's People tab: