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Rejecting candidates

Included in:
  • SmartStart
  • SmartRecruit


Anyone with full access to a candidate, e.g., an Admin or Extended user, can reject a candidate. 


Rejections affect specific applications. Rejecting a candidate's application to one job does not affect their applications to other jobs.

A candidate's application can be rejected into two ways:

  • Click Reject on the Single Application view for a specific application to reject that application.SingleApplicationView_ApplicationBox.png
  • Use the Actions list on the Applicant List of a job to reject the application of one or more candidates on that job. ApplicantList_RejectMultiple.png

In either case, you can choose a reason for rejection from the Reject Candidate popup, and also choose whether to send a rejection email. Rejection reasons are assigned to specific applications, not the candidates themselves, so each application can have its own rejection reason.

Reject without email

To simply reject the candidate without notifying them, choose a reason from the list, and click Reject.  


The rejection will take effect immediately, and the candidate will see the update in their Candidate Portal.

Send rejection email

To reject the candidate and notify them, click Send rejection email and either enter a new message, or select an available template. Edits made here will not be saved to the template itself.

Only templates with a Rejection type can be used on the Reject tab.

If you choose to send a rejection email, you can also schedule the rejection for a later date using Delayed Rejections:ParApps_RejectModal.png

You can send the rejection immediately, or delay it for a specific period of time. 

Learn more about delayed rejections.

Normally, SmartRecruiters will send the rejection email using your name and email (from your SmartRecruiters account). To maintain anonymity, click Show sender as "Hiring Team" instead of my name. SmartRecruiters will replace your name with "<Company Name> Hiring Team" as the sender.

Rejecting multiple candidates

Use the Actions list on the Applicant List of a job to reject the application of one or more candidates on that job. ApplicantList_RejectMultiple.png

In the case of mass rejections, SmartRecruiters will send separate emails to each candidate:


As with individual rejections, you can choose to reject without sending a rejection email, or send an email and reject immediately or at later date.

Adding rejection reasons

In all cases, you can specify a reason for rejection. Though optional, adding rejection reasons can help improve your hiring efforts by identifying common reasons.

Rejection reasons are never communicated to the candidate.


All SmartRecruiters companies can select from the default list of rejection reasons. Companies with the SmartGlobal add-on can add custom reasons.

Admins can report on rejections reasons in the Applicant Flow report. All users can sort candidates by rejection reason with the Candidate Filters.

Rejections and Compliance

When you reject a candidate, if there is an applicable Global Compliance configuration set up in your company's account, SmartRecruiters will schedule the candidate's information for deletion if that candidate has no other active applications.