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People List

Included in:
  • SmartStart
  • SmartRecruit


The People list collects all the candidates that you can access. From this list, you can:

  • monitor the status of many candidates;
  • filter candidates by location, experience, and other details;
  • search for candidates by name, email, and other key terms;
  • add new candidates by uploading them one-by-one or in bulk;
  • create, update, and run saved searches;
  • share, reassign, and comparing multiple candidates in a single action.

Click People in the main navigation bar to view the global People page, which lists all candidates on all jobs that you have access to. Click a candidate to go straight to their profile.


There's also a local list, the Applicant list, on the People tab of the job page, that lists all candidates associated with that job.



The actions you can take on the People list will depend on whether or not you have full access to each candidate's job. Thus, if you're assigned different hiring team roles on different jobs, your available actions may differ from candidate to candidate.

Global list

Click People in the main navigation bar to view the global People page, which lists all candidates on all jobs that you have access to. Click a candidate to go straight to their profile.


The global People page has both a search bar and some powerful filters for you to filter and find specific candidates. 

Click a filter below to learn more about it.

  • Location: filter by candidate’s specific location.
  • Proximity: filter for candidates within a certain radius from a location.
  • Title: filter candidates by the titles of their current and past jobs.
  • Status: filter candidates by their status in your hiring process.
  • Show candidates: filter for candidates with pending rejections, deferral messages, internal candidates, and more.
  • Rating: filter for candidates by specific rating(s).
  • Source: filter candidates who’ve applied through specific source(s)
  • Tags: filter candidates by specific tags
  • Applied To: filter for the candidates who’ve applied to each of your jobs.
  • Created Date: filter candidates by the date their application was last updated.
  • Company: filter candidates by the name of companies in their work history.
  • School/University: filter candidates by the names of the schools they attended.
  • Rejection Reason: filter rejected candidates by the specific reason for rejection. 
  • Withdrawal Reason (SmartRecruit only): filter candidates who’ve withdrawn their applications by the specific reason for withdrawal.
  • Screening Question: filter candidates based on how they answered a screening question. 
  • Assessment Result: filter candidates based on their assessment results from your assessment provider

Local list

Each Job page has its own People list, which you can find by clicking the People tab on the Job page.

This list contains all candidates associated with that job, including:

  • those that applied directly to the job
  • those that were added via integrations like LinkedIn Recruiter
  • those that were reassigned from another job.


Individual actions

For each candidate in the list, you can quickly leave a rating, or hover over the rating and click Add a Review to leave a more detailed comment on the Reviews tab of the candidates profile.

AddRating_ApplicantList.pngOpen the menu beside the candidate's rating to view available the available actions that you can taken on the candidate.


Available actions will depend on whether or not you have full access to the candidate's job.

Instead of taking you to the candidate's profile, SmartRecruiters will open a popup to help you complete the action:

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 5.53.06 PM.png

Bulk actions

You can take action on multiple candidates at once using the Actions menu.

  1. Select multiple candidates (or click Select All), then open the Actions menu.
  2. Choose an action from the list:
    • Change status of candidates
    • Hire candidates
    • Message candidates
    • Reject candidates
    • Defer candidates
    • Add multiple candidates to the same job
    • Add multiple candidates to communities (if you have access to SmartCRM)
    • Request consent from candidates
    •  Delete multiple candidate profiles
    • Merge 2 candidates


Add candidate

Normally, candidates provide their resumes when they apply to one of your jobs. You can also upload resumes to add new candidates on the People list on the People Page or the Applicant list on the Job Profile.

SmartRecruiters will parse resumes in DOC, DOCX, RTF, ODT, TXT, and PDF file formats, and fill out the candidate profile with the resume's details.

There are three ways to manually add a new candidate to SmartRecruiters:

  1. Drag and drop or upload a single resume. On SmartStart, you can add one at time. 
  2. Drag and drop multiple resumes or a folder. On SmartRecruit, you can add multiple resumes at once, or even a folder containing multiple resumes. Enter their information manually.

If you choose to drag and drop or upload the resume, SmartRecruiters will parse it, and you'll need to assign a source and a specific job (it's required). You can also add tags to the candidate(s) profile(s) but this is not required.If you choose to enter their information manually, you'll be able to add a photo (if you have one).

Once you've added or uploaded the candidate's information:

  • If the candidate already has a profile, SmartRecruiters updates the current profile with any new or missing information. Essentially, the old and new profile are merged.
  • If the candidate's email domain matches your company domain, SmartRecruiters labels them with the Employee tag to help you identify them as an internal applicant.

SmartRecruiters will merge an existing candidate profile with a newly uploaded profile when both share the same email address and last name.